Calendar Integration: Google Calendar


The Meeting Scheduler module permits students to make appointments with advisors and other staff based on their institutional calendar availability, as well as their custom availability settings configured in Student Success & Engagement User Settings.

In order to use the Meeting Scheduler module it must be enabled by Watermark staff. If you have not requested the Meeting Scheduler module to be enabled, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Implementation Project Manager.

Once enabled, Meetings must be configured within Student Success & Engagement Administration and integrated with the institution's calendar system. If an institution has both Google and Office 365/Exchange on campus, they should integrate with the calendar system that staff users will be using for meeting availability.

NOTE: Before beginning the calendar integration, Meetings should be configured in Student Success & Engagement Administration (with at least one Meeting Type, Service Delivery Location, and Service Offering for testing) and the Location data feed should be implemented.

Instructions on Meetings configuration can be found here.

Google Calendar Integration

Watermark staff will enable Meeting Scheduler within Student Success & Engagement, complete the Watermark Google API steps, and provide the institution with a Client ID. The institution's Google Workspace administrator should then complete the following steps:

  1. The Google Workspace administrator must access the Google Admin Console ( for their organization.
  2. Configure API access.
    • On the dashboard, click Security Access and Data Controls API Controls Domain-wide Delegation Manage Domain-wide Delegation Add new
    • For Client Name, enter the Client ID provided by Watermark staff.
    • For API Scopes, enter “” and then click the “Authorize” button.
    • Navigate to Security Access and Data Controls API Controls Manage Google Services Apps.
    • Configure a new app by OAuth app name. Type Aviso and give it Trusted access. If needed, can do Limited access but need to see what services have limited access.
  3. Create a Service Account ( within your Google Workspace account 
    • This is the account whose calendar will "own" the meetings produced by the Student Success & Engagement Meeting Scheduler.
    • When meetings are created through Student Success & Engagement, they will be created on this calendar and the attendees (staff and student) will be invited to the meeting.
    • Meeting invites will be delivered from this account so it should be named appropriately, service account names like "SSE Scheduler" or "CollegeName Appointment Scheduler" are commonly used.
    • This Service Account allows for management of appointments without the need for API access to the individual calendar accounts.
    • The Service Account should have access to read the calendars (free/busy permission) of all staff at your institution, as well as the ability to invite users to meetings.
  4. Provide the service account email to Watermark staff. They will complete the final steps within Student Success & Engagement, test the integration, and notify the institution when complete.

Meetings Configuration

After the calendar integration is complete, the institution should verify that Meeting Type, Service Delivery Location, and Service Offering are configured completely and correctly in the Administration screens. More information on Meetings configuration can be found here.

User Settings

To use Meeting Scheduler, staff and faculty users must choose to accept meetings by setting up their meeting availability in their individual User Settings. Instructions for how to do this can be found here.

Additional Resources

Instructions for MS Office/Exchange Calendar Integration can be found here.

If these steps have been completed but users are unable to schedule meetings as expected, review the Meeting Scheduler Troubleshooting article.

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