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  • Overview of Tk20

    Overview of Tk20 and Product Who we are: Tk20 is an industry-leading provider of assessment and accreditation solutions for colleges and universities around the world. Our educational software delivers a comprehensive set of tools, including a sophisticated reporting system that helps schools identify areas needing improvement and provides documentation for accredita...

  • Training Topics for the New or Transitioning Unit Administrator

    Current Data collection in Tk20 What functionalities are you using? Why are you using Tk20? Who is using Tk20? Which programs/departments/key stakeholders? Specific Functionality training Recap which functionalities you use, when and how often, and for whom (which classes/professors). Specifically, provide a list of the names of the assignments, binders, etc. with the ...

  • New Unit Administrator Training

    Welcome to the Tk20 by Watermark family! We are glad to have you onboard and exploring Tk20! This page is dedicated to helping navigate the resources available to you. What is your experience with Tk20? First, think about what you already know about Tk20 and the culture of assessment at your campus. From here, connect with your Client Success Manager to schedule an intr...

  • Basic Navigation

    To access the New admin resources available to help you succeed, please click the link below: New Unit Administrator Resources This quick guide contains videos and tasks to help you get acquainted with the basic structure and navigation of Tk20.

  • Basic Nav I Training

    This video is composed of multiple videos that helps you understand the basic structure of Tk20

  • Basic Nav II Training

    This video article is in continuation of the Basic Nav Training I

  • Basic Nav I Privileges & Roles

    This video explains creating Roles & Privileges  

  • Basic Nav I Appearance

    This video explains the steps to update the colors and logo on your server by updating the Appearance  

  • Basic Nav I Login Configuration

    This video demonstrates the steps to update the Login Configuration page on your server  

  • Basic Nav II News Items

    This video demonstrates the steps to create a News Item  

  • Basic Nav II Document Room

    This video demonstrates how to upload documents to the Document Room

  • Basic Nav II User Groups

    This video demonstrates the steps to create and utilize User Groups

  • Basic Nav II Standards

    This video demonstrates the steps to configure and use Standards

  • Basic Navigation, Form Builder and Data Loads

    This is an Introductory Unit Administrator Training video to give you a basic understanding of the Tk20 by Watermark system

  • Getting Started with Dataloads

    Introduction In order to use Tk20 and its reports to the fullest, your institution will provide data from your studentinformation system on a regular basis. We recommend uploading data every other week to takeadvantage of our automated dataload process. (If files are provided less frequently, we perform a moremanual dataload.) Uploading data at least twice a month ensur...

  • Data Import and Dataload Guidelines

    Institutions provide data from their Student Information System (SIS) to Tk20 so that we can start measuring student and institutional performance. This process is called a Data Import or a Dataload. Please download the document attached to this article to access the latest version of our Guidelines for Getting Started with Dataloads. In the video below, we cover the te...

  • Data Import Guidelines

    This video will help us to understand the Data Import Guidelines for Tk20 by Watermark

  • Form Builder Overview

    This video serves as an overview to understand Form Builder

  • Form Builder Hands On Training

    This video provides Hands-On Training for Form Builder

  • Time Log Overview

    This video demonstrates the Time Log functionality and features