Training & Onboarding

  • Self-Guided Training Series for Taskstream LAT

    Welcome to Self-Guided Training! With these resources, you can lead yourself through implementation of Taskstream LAT by Watermark.   Step #1: Getting Started Videos and GuidesStep #2: Design and Build GuidesStep #3: Finalize Design and Launch GuidesStep #4: Data Collection, Monitoring and Validation Videos and GuidesTS - Step #5: Create a Field Placement Database Video...

  • Step #4: Data Collection, Monitoring and Validation Videos and Guides

    As students and faculty begin accessing the system, reports are available to help you monitor activity.   Program Activity Report: Quick-Start Guide - Program Activity Report Evaluator Activity Report: Quick-Start Guide - Evaluator Activity Report   After evaluations have been completed, reports are available to assist you with measuring student performance.   Perfor...

  • Step #3: Finalize Design and Launch Guides

    Create and activate your DRF Program(s). Quick-Start Guide - DRF Programs DRF Enrollment Options for Students DRF Grouping Options

  • Step #2: Design and Build Guides

    Review the LAT Implementation Happy Path resource.   Begin building your assessment portfolio template(s). Quick-Start Guide - DRF Template Construction Build your assessment instruments. Quick-Start Guide - Rubric Import Quick-Start Guide - Building Rubrics Quick-Start Guide - Creating a Form

  • TS - Step #1: Getting Started Videos and Guides

    Assess your needs using by answering the questions in the document below. LAT Needs Self-Assessment Review the following materials: Taskstream LAT by Watermark Overview Video DRF Assessment System Overview LAT Glossary LAT Roles and Definitions