Training & Onboarding

  • Self-Guided Training Series for Taskstream LAT

    Welcome to Self-Guided Training! With these resources, you can lead yourself through implementation of Taskstream LAT by Watermark.   Step #1: Getting Started Videos and GuidesStep #2: Design and Build GuidesStep #3: Finalize Design and Launch GuidesStep #4: Data Collection, Monitoring and Validation Videos and GuidesStep #5: Create a Field Placement Database Videos and...

  • Step #1: Getting Started Videos and Guides

    Assess your needs using by answering the questions in the document below. LAT Needs Self-Assessment Review the following materials: Taskstream LAT by Watermark Overview Video DRF Assessment System Overview LAT Glossary LAT Roles and Definitions

  • Step #2: Design and Build Guides

    Review the LAT Implementation Happy Path resource.   Begin building your assessment portfolio template(s). Quick-Start Guide - DRF Template Construction Build your assessment instruments. Quick-Start Guide - Rubric Import Quick-Start Guide - Building Rubrics Quick-Start Guide - Creating a Form

  • Step #3: Finalize Design and Launch Guides

    Create and activate your DRF Program(s). Quick-Start Guide - DRF Programs DRF Enrollment Options for Students DRF Grouping Options

  • Step #4: Data Collection, Monitoring and Validation Videos and Guides

    As students and faculty begin accessing the system, reports are available to help you monitor activity.   Program Activity Report: Quick-Start Guide - Program Activity Report Evaluator Activity Report: Quick-Start Guide - Evaluator Activity Report   After evaluations have been completed, reports are available to assist you with measuring student performance.   Perfor...

  • Step #5: Create a Field Placement Database Guides

    If any of your clinical programs wish to track student placements or internships in the field, this database will house information regarding cooperating sites, staff and placement history.   Quick-Start Guide - Field Placement Database Setup Quick-Start Guide - Field Placement Import for System Administrators