Faculty Success Release Notes for October 18, 2022

Faculty Accomplishments

New Features

CV Imports as a Security Permission

Faculty/Staff Guide: CV Imports
Administrative Resources: CV Imports Resources

As part of rolling out CV Imports to all clients, we want to make sure the introduction of this new tool on campus can be flexible to administrators who may need to get additional training resources to get faculty familiar with the tool. If CV Imports had not yet been enabled for your users, please take a few minutes to explore the capabilities yourself in the system or through the articles above. Then, use the new security role to grant access to other users.

As part of creating a permission and security role with this feature, we are also assigning this permission across specific existing security roles across orgs:

  • When the permission is applied to a self-scoped role (e.g., "Faculty") and used, the tool applies to that individual
  • When the permission applied to a manage-data role (e.g., "Department") and is used while managing activities data for another account, the tool applies to the individual whose data is being managed (same as today)

All institutions will now have access to the CV Imports utility. Security roles have been automatically updated with a new security permission based on your current adoption of CV Imports.

  • For institutions who had not yet opted-in for CV Imports prior to this release:
    • Security roles with the Work Request permission (Also known as top-level security roles) will have the role updated to include the CV Import permission
    • A new self-scoped "CV Import Tool" security role with the CV Import permission will be added.
  • For institutions with CV Imports enabled prior to this release:
    • All roles with the "Manage Data: Read/Write" security permission receive the brand new CV Import permission
    • The self-scoped "Faculty" role receives the CV Import permission

For more information on security roles, security permissions, and how to request further changes, please click here to review details.

Reviews, Promotion and Tenure



We made changes in the system where we reference "Faculty" or "Subject" for participants. We are now referring to them as "Candidate".

Time Zones

We updated some of the time zone behaviors within the system to ensure it is accurately reflected for users in the system and their expectations around due dates. The following screens should use the org’s time zone:

  • Due dates for creating or editing a schedule
  • Schedule summary page launch date
  • Submissions page due date
  • Schedule submission summary due dates
  • Participant-facing screens use local time zone when displaying due dates and dates submitted
    • Inbox
    • History
    • Previous tasks display in Inbox and History
  • When launching a schedule from a time zone different than the institution, restrict the launch date option to be the current day of the institution's time zone
  • Display the institution time zone launch date on the schedule summary screen so it matches the chosen launch date on the schedule.
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