Student Learning & Licensure Release Notes for October 11, 2022


Ability to have multiple Licensure Plans per Program

Admin users will now be able to create more than one licensure plan per program. This would enable them to have different sets of requirements for the same student cohorts. The creation process would remain the same.


All licensure plans will be enlisted in the Licensure Plans area. The default status for a Licensure Plan will be ‘Not Connected’. The status for the plan will change to ‘In Use’ once it is connected to a cohort. 



Clicking the Create Plan button will open the outline page


Licensure Plan status as In Use


A Licensure Plan with the ‘In Use’ status cannot be deleted. The status for the Licensure Plan will become ‘Not In Use’, if the connected cohort is archived in System Administration. 



Overflow menu for a Licensure Plan with the Not In Use Status


Plans with the status ‘Not In Use’ can be archived. Selecting the Archive option will display an alert and clicking the Archive button will archive the plan. It will no longer be displayed in the list unless the user chooses to also view archived plans. 



Message on clicking Archive


Users can use the toggle button to see archived plans.


Licensure Plan with the Archived status


Users can use the search filter and Filter by drop downs to filter the results.


Ability to connect to a Plan from within the Cohort

Admin users will now have the ability to select a licensure plan for a cohort directly from within the cohort using the ‘Connect Plan’ button. Users will be able to select from a list of plans having the status ‘Not Connected’, ‘In Use’, and ‘Not in Use’ from the drop down.



Cohort not connected to any Licensure plan



List of available Licensure plans



A brief outline of the selected plan will be displayed as part of the Review Licensure Plan card


Users will have the ability to change the licensure plan for a cohort until it is scheduled to be released on a future date. Users will no longer be able to return to the scheduling page once the plan has been released to the cohort.


Ability to Copy a Licensure Plan

Admin users will now have the ability to copy a licensure plan outline so that they can quickly make a newer version of the plan without the need to start from scratch. They will see an option to Copy in the overflow menu.



Option to create copy for plan with status In Use


On clicking Copy, the outline  (i.e. the sections, stages, and requirements) will be copied.


The default title for the copied plan will be “Copy 1 of <name of the Licensure plan>”. Users can rename the copy of the plan by clicking the edit icon.The copied plan will appear in the table with status ‘Not Connected’.



Modal to edit the title


Ability to re-order Requirements in a Licensure Plan

Admin users will now have the flexibility to change the order of the requirements within a licensure plan. Users can move the requirements within the same section as well as to a different section of the same plan. 



Drag zone created on dragging the requirement down.


Users can also re-order the requirements using the keyboard. They can use the ‘Tab’ key to navigate to a particular requirement and then grab the requirement using the ‘Enter’ key; the requirement can be moved using the Up and Down arrow keys. Hitting the ‘Enter’ key a second time will drop the requirement at the desired location.



Hitting the enter key will grab the requirement to be moved up or down.


Users will be able to see the details / selected conditions for the requirement on clicking the ‘View Details’ link. Clicking the link will open a right side panel, displaying the requirement details.



Details for the requirement


Users will also be able to edit requirements for which submissions have been made. Users will be able to edit the title and description for used requirements. They can select the file upload option as well as the acknowledgment box option, if not already done. Users will not be able to deselect the file upload and acknowledgement options if submissions have already been made.



Ability to reorder sections and subsections in a Licensure Plan

Admin users will now be able to change the order of the sections and sub-sections within a licensure plan.The sections can be moved up or down, and moving the section will also move its subsections. Users will be able to see the count of the subsections while moving a section. 



Drop zone created for Section


Users can also reorder the sections and subsections using the keyboard. They can use the ‘Tab’ key to navigate to a particular section and then grab the section using the ‘Enter’ key; the section can be moved using the Up and Down arrow keys. Hitting the ‘Enter’ key a second time will drop the section at the desired location.




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