Faculty Success Release Notes for October 4, 2022

Two updates to reporting within Faculty Success, one of which has been a long requested feature we are excited to share with you!

Full-Service Reports have historically enabled you to determine which users appear in the report in one of three ways:

  • Select a group or individuals who should be included in the report output
  • Apply restrictions to limit the report to only be applicable to users in the specified group(s)
  • Embed user selection criteria into the report (e.g., Of the individuals retrieved from Whom to Include, only display faculty with a Staff/Rank of Associate Professor, Professor, or Full Professor should be included in results)

With this change, we’re adding an additional option that will hopefully make your Full-Service reports more flexible, and reduce the need for the third option listed above.

Faculty Accomplishments

New Features

Full-Service Reporting

Now when you are selecting faculty to include in your reports, you are able to use ANY and ALL criteria both at the report level and at the group level. This means you can create the following types of user selections:

Report Level

  • Include users who are part of ALL of the groups selected (e.g., User is in the School of Business AND Department of Marketing)
  • Include users who are part of ANY of the groups selected (e.g., User is in the School of Business OR Department of Marketing)


Group Level

  • Include users in ANY or ALL of the groups selected


By selecting "Users must meet all selected criteria in this group" they must be assigned to both School of Business AND School of Education to appear in the report. Deselect this to include all users in School of Business OR School of Education.


  • Include users in ALL of the groups selected, where groups are ALL Colleges - Business and Education, and where Departments is Marketing

For additional information on this feature, please review Including users in Full-Service Reports


Full-Service Reporting

Whom to Include incorrectly showed "0 groups selected" and "0 individuals selected" when a report was accessed for the first time. This change ensures that we are accurately displaying who will be included in a report, regardless if specific selections have been made or not.


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