Planning & Self-Study Release Notes for September 27, 2022

Improved Organization Profile Navigation

The organization profile has been enhanced to address feedback and usability concerns. This also provides an immersive view that keeps administrators and leaders focused on tasks, while preparing for integrating Leader Insights within the next quarter. 

No changes have been made to the functionality or features in this area. The notable difference is that the horizontal navigation has been moved to a left hand vertical navigation. 


Enhancements to Leader Insights   

As we continue to make subtle improvements to the usability of existing Planning & Self-Study insights in the Leader Insights area, we are also starting to include insights from other Watermark products. Institution-level leads at institutions that license both Planning & Self-Study and Student Learning & Licensure will start to see their very first insights about common learning assessments begin to appear in Leader Insights alongside those derived from Planning & Self-Study. 

New! Drilldown to View Learning Assessments in the Current Academic Year

In this release, institutions with Student Learning & Licensure* can view an additional drilldown for common learning assessment by term that will help them understand the progress and engagement in common learning assessments. 


This new drill down details learning assessments in a given term so leaders can understand:

  • What are the common learning assessments in use for a given term?
  • What is the progress of student assessments for each common learning assessment in use for a given term?


Common Learning Assessments Drill Down View in  the ‘Learning Assessments in the Current Academic Year’ widget when the Institution licenses Student Learning & Licensure


* Institutions that have Planning & Self-Study and Student Learning & Licensure were linked in July by Watermark staff so Student Learning & Licensure insights will appear automatically in Leader Insights. Institutions that are NOT on System Administration with Planning & Self-Study are not eligible at this time. Student Learning & Licensure need not be integrated with System Administration to view this insight within the Leader Insights area. 

About Leader Insights

As a reminder, institution-level leads can access this area by selecting “Enter Institution” in the My Leadership area on their Planning & Self-Study home page, and then clicking the “View Insights” button. Administrators can access this by clicking on the top Institution profile link within Organization Management. 


View Insights button on the Organization Management page for “Diana Prince Academy”, the top-level organization in the hierarchy


Over time you can expect Leader Insights to grow in depth and breadth, and to expand to include insights from other Watermark products.
As a Watermark Labs feature, you’ll also see us refine the user experience and features in this area rapidly, so please don’t be alarmed if things evolve or look a little different when you next log in.

Watermark Labs

As a reminder, the Watermark Labs designations for functionality made available to everyone while we continue to improve upon it. It allows you to take advantage of these features today, provide feedback, with the asterisk that there may be some areas for improvement as we continue to develop the experience. The Watermark Labs status will only be applied for a limited time while we continue to actively update the work.

Enhancements to Strategic Planning Insights

Dashboard Showing Percentage Updates Added to Tactics

Administrators are now able to see the percentage of assigned tactics that have updates added to help manage their Strategic Plan. Before, Administrators had to check each tactic in the Strategic Plan to see if there were any updates. Now, they can access this information, along with the associated evidence files uploaded by leads, in one convenient location.


Strategic Plan Administrators will be able to view the tactic progress updates by academic years and strategic Priority. The progress update will include data entered in the Progress Update Narrative & Evidence for a tactic. 


Strategic Plan Administrators will be able to drill into the details of tactics with progress updates. They will also be able to view the organization assigned to a tactic and the leads aligned with the organization.


The administrators will have the ability to review all the progress updates added for a particular reporting year so that they can review them at once. They can click a specific Update date to view the specific tactic updates and download any associated evidence.



The administrators can also view the progress updates of all the tactics associated with strategic priorities. They can generate the report by accessing “Export Progress Updates”

An HTML report will be generated as per the selected academic year and priorities.



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