Student Learning & Licensure Release Notes for September 27, 2022

In this latest release, we’ve expanded functionality and enhanced features. Administrators can now use the same course section for course work as well as for internships.Administrators can also now view and use program curriculum (created in System Administration) in SL&L. Instructors can now be supervisors for their courses. 


Learning Assessments: Internship Features Available within Courses

Internship features may be enabled at the section level of any course

In an effort to streamline the course management process, there is now only one type of Course within Student Learning and Licensure; we no longer have separate course-types for Courses, Internships, and Groups. Instead, moving forward administrators will enable the features they need and assign users to the appropriate roles (students, additional assessors, supervisors and mentors) as needed within a single section. Administrators can utilize these changes both in existing sections and in newly created sections. 


Course-Type and Internship-Type activity workflows and Time Logs may be used within the same section

In an effort to create a more streamlined process related to the use of activity templates, Administrators may choose to manage all internship and course activities within a single section of the same course. The visibility of the activities remains role-based so course-based activities are by default not viewable by mentors and supervisors. The activity scheduler will allow for administrators to schedule the creation of both course-based and internship-based activities within the same section as well. Additionally, the time log feature may be enabled on any section, even those that only use course-type activities.


Select user roles within a section can have the same members

In an effort to create greater flexibility and access for users to easily complete their work, administrators will be able to align the same user as an Instructor and as a Supervisor for the same course section. Additionally, they will be able to assign a user as both a Supervisor and Additional Assessor within the same section (as long as the user is not also the instructor of the corresponding section). 

Other role restrictions remain in place and can be found here:

For those users that are added as both an instructor and a supervisor within the same section, when they access their section they will now have a “View As” dropdown within the “Activity” and “Time Log” tabs, which they can use to easily differentiate between their course management duties as the instructor and in their role as an assessor for their interns.

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