Deleting Programs/Organizations

The ability to delete Programs (with or without associated Planning and Self-Study data) is fully functional within System Administration. When a System Administrator attempts to delete a Program, a validation check will notify the Administrator if there is associated data or not.

  • If there is no associated data, the delete will be confirmed.
  • If there is associated data, the Administrator will need to complete a waiver (see image below) in order to acknowledge that:
    • With the deletion of the respective program all of the following potential associations to that program will also be removed in Planning & Self Study, including: 
      • Mission statement 
      • Courses aligned to the program
      • Assessment leads associated with the program. Reviewers would not be able to review the program’s plan review previously aligned. 
      • Outcomes (Learning, Success, Archived) associated with the program. Measures and results associated with these outcomes will be removed.
    • The deleted program will also be removed from any: 
      • Strategic Plan
      • Assessment Plan
      • Program Review
    • The retrieval of the Program delete is not possible 

This example shows an administrator in the process of deleting a program in System Administration. Associated product data was found, and the administrator must acknowledge the implications of the hard delete by checking the boxes of potential associated data that will be deleted.


Steps to Delete Programs or Organizations:

1. Access System Administration

2. Click Organizations or Programs (depending on which you'd like to delete)

3. Next to the program you'd like to delete, select the menu option (when you hover over it says Program Options)

4. Click Delete Program

Note: Organizations with associated core data (programs, courses, people, other organizations) are locked and cannot be deleted until all associated data is deleted or reassigned to another organization.




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