Tk20 2022.08 Release Notes (V9.2.10)

In the August 22, 2022 release, you will see enhancements to support communication with cooperating teachers, refinements to timelog calculations, an updated application footer. We also redirected the help link in the system to go to the updated Watermark Help Center, made some updates on the backend to improve performance, and resolved several high-priority issues.


Field Experience 

Ability to send email to secondary email ID for Cooperating Teachers

A new field will be displayed in Administrations > Users > Secondary Email and administrators will now be able to save the secondary email address for a Cooperating Teacher in this field. Cooperating Teachers will now receive notifications on their primary as well as secondary email ID as soon as a Field Experience Binder is sent. They will also receive notification emails when “send link” is clicked as well as for form release dates.


New field displayed in Administrators > Users


Calculation for Remaining hours

The hours under the column “Hours Not Submitted” will now be included in the Total Hours Remaining. The not submitted hours will be excluded from “Total Hours Logged”, Category hours logged and Activity hours logged.


The copyright details have been updated in the footer. Also the links for Terms & Condition, Privacy Policy and Accessibility Policy will now be displayed in the footer.


Tk20 Footer with 2022 copyright and links to Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Accessibility Policy

Help Center

Users will now be directed to the Tk20 section of the new Watermark Help Center (TK20 - Watermark) when they click the Help Desk link in the system. Read more about the features and benefits of our updated help center here.

Technology Upgrades

Jquery Version Upgrade from 1.11 to 3.6

Production Defects Fixed in 9.2.10

  1. Fixed the placement association error in field experience binder where the Unit Administrators were not able to associate the placement for students having an apostrophe symbol in their name.
  2. Fixed an issue where the check box option to “Send email notifications to Site Staff” was automatically checked when adding an additional administrator to a Field Experience Binder.
  3. Fixed a dataload error issue some clients experienced following recent technology upgrades.

Recommendations for Known Issues

Issue Recommended Resolution
No action takes place on clicking the menus ‘Strategic Planning/Assessment Planning/Planning Setup’ if Juried Assessments> ‘Edit folder’ menu is accessed prior to the mentioned menus. Also there is an intermittent issue related to blank page on clicking the Outcome/Goals menu Refresh the page to resolve the issue.
Auto-search functionality is not working while searching a user in Faculty Transcripts and Faculty Roster Users can be searched on hitting enter key or search icon.
Accreditation Management: Date selector stops working for the Overview sub-tab after navigating from the Responsible Parties sub-tab. Also the JS tree stops expanding on adding a folder in any category in Evidence Room Refresh and revisit the Overview as well as Evidence Room sub tabs.
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