Planning & Self-Study Release Notes for July 5, 2022

Enhancements to Watermark Planning & Self-Study


Access main evidence area from within a Standard

Evidence can now be accessed from the central evidence area by clicking on the “Add from All Evidence” button from within the evidence area of the standard.  This new update brings an added convenience and improved workflow of being able to access evidence directly from where you are working. Previously, if a user was writing a narrative in a standard, if they wanted to access a piece of evidence that was in the main evidence area, but not distributed to that standard, they would have to exit the narrative area and go over to the main evidence area to find the uploaded document.



Menu option for accessing evidence from All Evidence area


Only Self-Administrators will be able to see this option. This is because if users are assigned to specific standards, it may not be appropriate for them to see the evidence for all standards.


A modal window containing all the evidence from the Self-Study will appear when the ‘Add from All Evidence’ button is clicked. The user has the option to select the evidence from the list that will support that particular narrative. They can then select the evidence they want and click Save, and it will appear in the specific evidence for that standard.



This is the view of the modal window with all the evidence listed.


Automatically Make Institution-Level Admins a Self-Study Administrator

The administrator at the Institution-level will automatically have access to any created Self-Study to provide greater autonomy and access to make changes, i.e., remove a user no longer at the institution that created a Self-Study. The institution level admins are, by default, assigned the role of Self-Study admin for any newly-created and existing Self-Studies. If the admin feels that a specific user doesn’t need access to the Self-Study, then they have the ability to remove the default added institution level admins as Self-Study admins or another admin for that Self-Study. If there is anybody there that shouldn’t be there, you have access to remove them. 



This picture shows the list of admins for the self study which includes the default institute level admins too.



Export a Self-Study as an HTML Document that Navigates like a Web Page

Users can now export the Self-Study website, which functions like a web page and has an export feature. Now, institutions have another option they can utilize to share as an immediate and easily accessible download. With this new feature, we are introducing the experience of an online Self-Study in the format of an offline HTML page. Previously, the user only had the ability to do an offline export of the Self-Study as a PDF or Word document. 


This export feature can be found at the Settings Page > Websites > Action Menu of a Website > Export Offline Version.



View of the Export Offline Version Button in the settings page of a Self-Study.


When the export of the Self-Study is complete then there is a Zip file downloaded which includes a folder containing the Self-Study evidence. The evidence links in the Self-Study HTML file point to the files in the containing folder.


The offline HTML Self-Study would have a similar view as the online Self-Study, but since it is solely a read-only view, the user wouldn't have any editing options. 


View of the HTML Offline Self-Study.


Assessment Planning

Responding to Curriculum Work from System Admin

Originally slated to go live July 5, 2022, the change has been updated to take place during the week of July 11, 2022. In our final testing, we recognized a few aspects that deserved extra time and attention before going live to ensure the best experience possible for users. 


A centralized upload process is being developed in System Administrator for aligning courses to programs. There are three sections in P&SS where users can manually align courses to programs that we have now deprecated:


  • Curriculum tab in organization profile
  • Curriculum map area
  • In a program level measure when they choose the option os it being a course-based measure


The data that was previously stored in P&SS and was kept for all previous alignments has now been transferred to the platform System Admin.


We made sure the courses continued to show up in the same places in P&SS after the information was uploaded in System Admin: the Curriculum tab, the Curriculum map, the drop-down menu for measures for choosing when a measure is tied to a course at the program level (are these measures only for programs?), and any other functionality we currently have in the system.


Enhancements to System Administration   

Aligning Courses to Programs (aka Program Curriculum) now Managed in System Administration

System Administration will now store and manage data for program-to-course alignments. This functionality, previously managed in Planning & Self-Study, includes an option for system administrators to import CSVs with bulk data to align courses to programs. To update data already imported, System Administrators must import the changes through a CSV. 


The above shows the CSV import fields for Program Curriculum. A System Administrator is required to enter values for all fields. In the above example all three courses are aligned to the BS_Marketing Program, but only two of the courses are required for the program. 


In the System Administration user interface there is a read-only function, which displays a program’s aligned and required courses. However, creating and updating data cannot
be done through the UI at this time. 



In the above display, within System Administration, the Curriculum Column indicates the number of courses that are aligned with a Program. By clicking on the action button we see the below display. 



In this display all aligned courses will be listed, as well as indicate if the course is required or not within the program.

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