Faculty Success Release Notes for June 28, 2022

Two new features are here! With table display styles for formatted self-service reports, users can present their records in a grid format instead of a list of citations. And a new "Prior Submissions" element for process forms makes it possible for faculty to directly attach past reviews to their current review submission, without the "download & re-upload" hassle.


Faculty Accomplishments

New Features

Table Display in Self-Service Reports

“Is a citation or a table the best way to present this information?” With both options now available in self-service reports, you can pick the best display style for each type of activity, and for your report’s purpose and audience.

GIF showing the a user adding a section of Scheduled Teaching activities to their formatted self-service report, highlighting the "Table" display style, the "Data to include in columns" filter options for that table, and the user's records displayed as a table in the report.

The new table display option breaks each record out into a grid so it’s easier to understand its pieces, and will be particularly useful in annual activity reports. Especially for types of activities that are heavy on the numbers, like workload and teaching information!

Please see How to Build a Formatted Self-Service Report for more about this new table display option and about self-service reporting more broadly.


Reviews, Promotion & Tenure

New Features

Select Submissions From Past Review Cycles to Include in Your Current Review Packet

It’s now possible for faculty to tap their archive of past reviews to include prior submissions in a current review cycle!


GIF showing a subject using the new Prior Submissions lookup field to attach their completed "2021 School of Education Annual Review" submission as an artifact in the "Candidate's Full Application" step of their submission to the Application for Promotion promotion process.

With a new type of form element, called “Prior Submissions”, you can add a lookup field to your faculty forms so they can easily choose which of their completed submissions to attach to their current review. Once the process is underway, reviewers can then access these attachments alongside the other materials the subject submits, for context as they complete their review.

For more on how to add this new element to review Forms, see How to Configure Workflow Forms. And you can get a closer look at the subject’s experience interacting with this type of field in Submitting to a Workflow Process.



Submission download - No Data message

We made a small update to ensure that if a process participant is working on a review and they encounter a report that has no data in it, the message they receive is displayed consistently across the live and the offline experience (i.e., the Submission Download HTML file).

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