Student Learning & Licensure Release Notes for June 22, 2022

In this latest release, we’ve expanded functionality and enhanced several features, including: 

  • Student Learning & Licensure now has a new URL - ‘’
  • Node based Dashboard access in Placement Management
  • Ability to customize the student placement survey
  • Introducing the System Administration & Gateways 


Introducing Gateways & System Administration

A better way to oversee programs and track student progress

System Administration enables institutions to centrally manage and monitor core foundational data - like organizations, programs, courses, and people - for multiple Watermark products. The goals of this module are to reduce your time spent loading and managing these data into each product, while harmonizing the data for better cross-platform integrations and insights. 


System Administration is an essential part of Student Learning & Licensures progression, and is the underlying technology powering new, exciting functionality, such as the Gateways module. You can expect onboarding to start in early 2023. 


Gateways is an emerging module that will enable faculty and administrators to monitor and oversee their programs and track students’ progress on requirements, both inside and outside the classroom (curricular and non-curricular), from acceptance to licensure. Ultimately, it provides a quick analysis for connecting how students did with their program requirements.


Core Gateways functionality will be included in our Advanced package of Student Learning & Licensure and is released for limited availability this month—June, 2022. You can expect to begin the General Availability adoption process in early 2023. 


Check out the Gateways landing page to learn more.


Application Wide

URL Change from ‘’ to ‘’

Student Learning & Licensure is moving from the ‘’ domain to the ‘ ’ domain. This means the URL for Student Learning & Licensure would change from ‘’ to ‘’. There would be no impact on the existing functionality and everything should work as expected. Redirects have been put in place, so anybody using the older URLs would be redirected to the new URL, without any manual intervention.


Some things that would be impacted are listed below:


  • LMS Integration setups would need to be updated on the LMS side to include the updated LTI URLs. The LMS assignments would then need to be edited to use the updated set up.
  • For File Upload in activities, students would need to re-select the Google Drive account they want to use.
  • For API imports, customers would need to ensure their scripts are using the correct endpoints and/or URLs.
  • The subset of institutions using SL&L’s Student SAML SSO, will need to update the URL within their SAML server.



Text Updates and renaming the buttons to Time Log Reports

New text and workflow improvements to the Time Log Reports make the experience more clear and intuitive for administrators and faculty. The text updates that have been made to Time Log reports:


  • The ‘Report Name’ field has been updated to ‘Report Title’ when naming a report.
  • The ‘Save Report’ button has been renamed to ‘Save’.
  • The ‘Create Report' and ‘Update Report’ buttons have been updated to 'Run Report’.
  • The default report title value ‘Untitled’ has been updated to ‘Untitled Report’.
  • The ‘Report Title’ field displayed when saving a report would now be blank by default.


Empty State message for Rubric and Standard Reports

We’ve improved the user experience for working with reports to be more clear and intuitive for administrators and faculty. Creating a new rubric or standard report or updating an existing report displays a clean, empty state. If there are no filter queries the prominent message ‘No Queries Added' alongside the sub-text 'Add at least one query to view a report.’ will be clearly announced. For ease of use, an ADD QUERY button below the empty state message will enable users to add a filter query to view data.




Updates to the Activity Status Data extract

We’ve expanded functionality for the Activity Status Data Extract to make it easier  to identify sections that are behind and take required corrective measures sooner. In addition to retrieving data for individual students, Administrators can now choose to use the Activity Status Data extract to:

  • Get aggregated activity status data for for course sections
  • Get activity status data for individual students




Placement Management

Node based access of placements on the Dashboard

Updates to the Dashboard ensure the information Placement coordinators need is front and center. Placement coordinators now see placements only for the nodes that are relevant to them. Placement coordinators are now also able to filter the list of student placements by term, organization node, and for multiple course sections. 



Ability to customize the placement survey

Placement Coordinators can now customize the placement survey questions and help text as per the requirements of their institution. This can be done from the newly added Placement Surveys area so that the phrasing can be flexibly written in the way that is most relevant to students and the institution. 






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