Domain Change for Student Learning & Licensure Domain, June 22, 2022

Watermark updated the domain for Student Learning & Licensure from to on June 22, 2022. This updated domain better reflects the product's place within the Watermark suite of solutions, and technically paves the way for the introduction of important forthcoming functionality.

Users who navigate to after June 22 will be automatically redirected to

However, you will need to make updates to adjust to the new domain if you make use of these capabilities:

  • LMS Integrations
  • Automated Imports using Student Learning & Licensure's APIs
  • SAML single sign-on

Please see below for details on the necessary changes, and work with your LMS or IT administrator to make these updates as quickly after our June 22 release as possible to ensure these capabilities continue to work as expected.


What do I have to do?

If you make use of any of these capabilities, action may be required by you and your LMS or IT administrator. We expect that the necessary changes should only take around 10 -15 minutes to complete, in most cases.


Single Sign-On:

Institutions using Student Learning & Licensure’s SAML single sign-on will need to update the URL within your SAML server on June 22nd

Settings area with Student SSO tab highlighted

Institutions that use Student Learning & Licensure's CAS and LDAP single sign-on will not be immediately impacted by the URL change, but should still update the URL within their SSO servers in a timely manner.

We have updated our SSO documentation accordingly and it can be found here.

Institutions using SAML Watermark Navigator will not be impacted and do not have to make any change.

Users who navigate to after June 22 will be automatically redirected to


Automated Imports Using Student Learning & Licensure’s APIs:

If you use these APIs to automatically import data to Student Learning & Licensure, please work with your IT administrator to update your integration scripts on June 22 to ensure they continue to work. Instructions for updating your institution’s API endpoints can be found here. 

Please note that manual imports will not be impacted by Student Learning & Licensure domain change.


LMS Integrations:

If you’ve integrated Student Learning & Licensure with your Learning Management System, you will need to reconfigure that integration on June 22 to:

  1. Update the existing Via Livetext URL in your LMS to the new SLL domain.
  2. Upgrade your integration to the latest Learning Tool Interoperability standard, LTI 1.3, if you are on a previous version. Upgrading to LTI 1.3 has notable benefits over LTI 1.1, including increased security and better options for integrations.


Please work with your LMS administrator to make these changes as soon as possible after the domain change on June 22. You will not be able to successfully complete the domain change update in your LMS before June 22. You can find the instructions for reconfiguring each LMS integration here

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