Faculty Success Release Notes for June 1, 2022

Users can now choose to download process submissions as a single file for online viewing or stick with the zip folder. Plus, field labels for report placeholders are back!


Reviews, Promotion & Tenure


Submission Downloads can now be a single file!

Users can now choose to download a submission as a single file for easy online viewing. This option is great for folks who need to include a prior year's review as part of this year's submission. It includes live links to uploaded documents, which can then be accessed as long as the reader has an active session in Faculty Success. This behavior is similar to how file links work in other types of reports.

For more on submission download options, please see How to Review and Contribute to a Submission.

The ability to label report placeholder fields in process Templates is back!

Faculty_Success_-_RPT_-_Set_a_label_for_your_report_field.pngSet a report label when adding a Report field to your process Template.

Now that setting up your process to auto-include Faculty Success reports involves two pieces - configuring a placeholder for the report in your Template, then selecting which report to include when you go to run the Schedule - it's easier to reuse your Templates, but it can also be harder to remember which type of report you meant to include as you use it over time. Now you can use labels on each report placeholder field to leave yourself an indicator to jog your memory on which report to include when it's time to run the process. This will be especially helpful in situations where you need to add several reports to a submission and need them in a particular order!

We recommend editing your Templates to add labels to your report placeholder fields. Please note that doing so will only impact new Schedules; it will not update Pending, Open or Closed Schedules.

For more on adding report placeholders to your Templates, please see How to Configure Workflow Forms.

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