Getting Started with SS&E Applications

Watermark Student Success & Engagement

All institutions using Watermark Student Success & Engagement software are subscribed at the minimum to SS&E Core, which includes:

  1. SS&E - Our Best-in-Class Student Success and Engagement Platform
  2. SS&E Administration - System Configuration and Data Validation screens designed for SS&E Administrators 
  3. Predict - Embedded Analytics displaying course completion and persistence risk indicators
  4. Connect - SIS Integration Connectivity
  5. LMS Integration Connectivity
  6. Base Support

Additionally, the following modules may be added to SS&E on a subscription basis:

  • The addition of Continuing Education Student Population to SS&E.
  • The addition of Text Messaging to SS&E. Plans depend on the number of staff users permitted to send text messages and the max number of text messages sent per month.
  • The addition of Survey Integration with SurveyMonkey or Qualtrics surveys as of now.
  • The addition of Next, SS&E's Walk-In Appointment Kiosk application.
  • The addition of Watermark Student, SS&E's Mobile App for iOS and Android devices.
  • The addition of Academic Planning to SS&E.
  • A Base Sandbox Test Environment for SS&E institutional testing and training, refreshed with production data to mirror production up to four times a year.
  • An Advanced Sandbox Test Environment for Connect, (SIS), LMS Integration, Predict, and SS&E institutional testing and training. This test environment is refreshed up to four times per day so that it will always mirror production, permitting full end-to-end data loading and testing capabilities.
  • On-going Professional Services such as a Standard Support Plan, Professional Support Plan, Outsourced SS&E Administration.

Furthermore, the following items may be added to SS&E for a one time fee:

  • Continuing Education (ConEd) Student Population Setup and Configuration to enable import of continuing education students.
  • A one-time Base Sandbox Test Environment setup and configuration for SS&E institutional testing and training.
  • A one-time Advanced Sandbox Test Environment setup and configuration for Connect, Predict, and SS&E institutional testing and training.
  • Professional Services projects such as Student Success Strategic Planning, Hourly services fees.

SS&E Product Users

The following grid displays the main user type for each SS&E product.

Module/Product Name User Type
Connect SS&E Administrators
SS&E Success Staff, Instructors and Students
SS&E Administration SS&E Administrators
Next (Kiosk system) Students
Predict Success Staff
Watermark Student (Mobile App) Students
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