Taskstream LAT by Watermark Release Notes for February 10, 2022

We’re glad to announce a frequently-requested enhancement to Taskstream LAT that will make it easier for you, as a TS Coordinator, to address unsubmitted student work that is blocking your ability to proceed with evaluations.

As a TS Coordinator, you can now “force-submit" artifacts for a requirement so that an evaluation can proceed. This will come in handy when one or more students have not submitted work to a requirement, including situations where they graduated or left the institution leaving unsubmitted work behind.


The screenshot shows a DRF enrollment page with 1) a pop-up where the TS Coordinator enables the forced submission feature and 2) a “Submit” button to the right of a requirement.

This feature is now available for all DRF programs (including new and previously created) except those with the grouping option that requires students to select their evaluator's name.

Please see Force Submit Student Work for details on how to use this new capability.

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