Taskstream by Watermark Certificate Renewal on April 4, 2022

Update: April 4, 2022

The SAML certificate to support single-sign on for Taskstream by Watermark was replaced successfully.

Announced: March 10, 2022

Important: Action Needed on April 4, 2022 if your institution uses a SAML integration to enable your users to log into Taskstream with their campus username and password. As needed, please share this information with the technical representative responsible for supporting single sign-on at your institution.

The certificate that supports SAML single-sign on for Taskstream by Watermark is set to expire on April 16, 2022. To ensure the ongoing support for this authentication option, will be replace this certificate on our end on Monday, April 4th at 10am ET, and need your campus IT team to apply it on your end at the same time if you make use of this type of single-sign on*.

Please work with your IT team to reserve time to apply the new certificate on April 4th, 2022 at 10am ET. You can find the new certificate in the email sent on March 10, 2022 from Watermark Announcements. However, please do not install it until the 4th - doing so before we’ve installed it on our end will disrupt SAML single sign-on for your users.

*For certain SAML providers, like Azure, you may not need to take action. Please check with your institution’s technical support team.

We hope this advanced notice makes it easier to coordinate this change with your IT team! We will also communicate with you on April 4th as the change unfolds. Please watch for a final reminder ~30 minutes beforehand, as well as email alerts when we start and complete the installation of the new certificate.

If you would like help testing your connection before going live, or if you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at integration@watermarkinsights.com.

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