Watermark Navigator: System Administrator Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Login Issues

Watermark Navigator provides a single front door to access all of your Watermark products. To troubleshoot login, issues, follow these steps:

1. Verify that the user has an active account in the Watermark product they are attempting to access

    a. Users with disabled accounts or users without a role (e.g. Faculty/Instructor, Contributor,
Reviewer, etc.) may experience login issues. In this instance, the main System Administrator
should provision the user with the correct role and/or enable their account

2. Verify the URL being used to access the Watermark product(s)

   a. Depending on your institution and setup, your login URL will be one of the following:
       i. Username/Password option: www.login.watermarkinsights.com (Username/Password)
       ii. SSO option: www.login.watermarkinsights.com/saml-initiate/nameofyourinstitution
   b. Your login URL and the method (i.e. Username/Password or SSO) should have been provided to
you by your Watermark Project Manager or other Watermark employee (e.g. Support Team)

3. Further considerations:

   a. Has the user recently updated their email address (or preferred email address) with your campus
IT? If so, their email address in the Watermark product may require updating. Update their email
address accordingly and ask the user to try logging in
   b. Ask the user to clear their browser’s cache or use a different browser

4. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, please ask the user to contact our support team at

The user should include answers to the following questions and include
the requested information in their email:

   a. Have you been able to log in successfully before? If so, when?
   b. What email address are you using to access your account?
   c. Please confirm the URL you are using when attempting to log in (e.g. login.watermarkinsights.com/SAML-Initiate/nameofyourinstitution)
  d. What is the error message you’re receiving? (Please place a screenshot of the error message in
your response)
  e. Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache or using a different browser? If so, which browsers
have you tried?
  f. Please copy the URL that appears on the address bar after receiving the error message and
paste it in your response.

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