FAQ: Recalling a edTPA Portfolio for Revision and Retransfer

When verifying the contents of your edTPA portfolio in the Pearson system, you may find that additional revisions are required if you have missed a piece of documentation or uploaded the incorrect file to an individual task.

Recalling a portfolio does not remove the transferred portfolio from the Pearson system. It is not an “undo” process. The “recall” process allows you to re-open a portfolio in Tk20 in order to make changes and retransfer to Pearson. When you re-transfer the portfolio to Pearson, your previously transferred portfolio is replaced with the latest version of the portfolio available in Tk20.

You may recall your portfolio in Tk20, make any necessary revisions, and re-transfer the portfolio to Pearson by completing the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Portfolios tab within Tk20.
2. Click the title of the portfolio you are trying to recall.
3. Click the Recall from Pearson button


To make modifications to existing artifacts (sub-tasks) attached to your edTPA portfolio:

1. Access your edTPA portfolio from the Portfolios tab.
2. Click on the tab that contains the artifact(s) you wish to modify


3. Select the artifact (sub-task) you wish to modify.


4. You may upload a revised file by clicking on Select Files to search for the file located on your computer, or you can select files located on your computer and “Drag and drop” them in the artifact.


Note: If the revised file has the same name as the original file, then you may be prompted to overwrite the current upload, as shown below.


5. You may remove a file by selecting the X button.


6. When you are finished adding and/or removing files, click “Update” to attach the artifact to your edTPA portfolio.

7. Once all revisions have been made and saved, you can click “Transfer to Pearson” in your edTPA portfolio. Upon successful transfer, the contents of the portfolio in the Pearson system will be updated.


8. You must log in to the Pearson ePortfolio System on edTPA.com or by clicking “Track My edTPA Transfer” to review your transferred portfolio and label the uploaded files as instructed in order to submit the portfolio for official scoring.

Log in to the Pearson ePortfolio System and follow the submission instructions in order to have your portfolio officially scored by Pearson.


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