Watermark Announces New Product Names (July 2021)

Announced: July 14, 2021


We are excited and proud to announce that today marks the launch of new product names for core products within the Watermark Product Suite!

  • Watermark Planning & Self-Study
  • Watermark Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua)
  • Watermark Student Learning & Licensure (formerly Via)
  • Watermark Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures)
  • Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly EvaluationKIT)
  • Watermark Curriculum Strategy (formerly SmartCatalog)

With these new names, we strive to more clearly articulate each product’s core purpose through descriptive wording that reflects your point of view and how each one supports your institution’s efforts to inspire progress. These new names also reinforce our focus and commitment to bringing you an integrated, efficient and complementary Watermark Product Suite.

Over the coming months you’ll see them start to appear on our website, in our conversations and support materials, and visually in the products themselves. This transition will be gradual, with a bridge period where both the old and new names appear together, to help make the adjustment easier for you and your stakeholders.

And the in-product changes will be visual and text-based; no functionality, workflows or URLs are changing.

Learn more here about the rationale behind this initiative, how and why we selected each new name, and what kind of in-product changes to expect.

And if you use any of the solutions above, please watch your inbox later this month for more details on the changes coming soon to your product(s). We’ll provide an overview of the specific forthcoming updates, as well as materials you can use to introduce the name change to your users.

We hope that the in-depth FAQ above and the forthcoming details will provide much of what you need to know in order to adjust to this change. We look forward to helping you continue to achieve success with the Watermark Product Suite, because with Watermark, Insights Inspire Progress.

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