FAQ: Organization Management

Why do my archived outcomes still show up in my plan?

Archiving outcomes does not remove them from plans in which they have already been included. This functionality is intended more for removing outcomes from future use. If you also want to remove outcomes from your existing plans, you can follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Plan
  2. Select Add/Edit Outcomes
  3. De-select the outcome to remove and Save

*Please note that if the aligned outcome has associated measures, these will also need to be removed before the outcome can be removed. 


Can I delete my outcomes?

You can only delete outcomes that are not pulled into any plans. If the outcome has been pulled into a plan, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the Plan
  2. Select Add/Edit Outcomes
  3. De-select the outcome to remove and click Save
  4. Click into the Organization and click on the outcomes
  5. Click Manage Outcomes
  6. Click the kebab menu next to the outcome
  7. Click Delete


Is there a way to download a .csv file with the existing organizations and outcomes already entered?

You can export the Outcomes Detail Report at the top level and get an export of all outcomes.

  1. Click on Organization Management
  2. Click on your top institutional level
  3. Click on Docs and Reports
  4. Scroll down to Outcomes Details- All Organizations

If a lead is appointed through Organization Management, will they receive welcome emails?

If the organization has access to a plan or program review, then the lead will receive an email.


If I assign a lead to a top level organization, does that lead have access to all organizations within that level?

Assigning a Lead to an Organization in your hierarchy does not confer full access to all Organizations nested within it in your hierarchy. For example, if you assign a user as a Lead to a Department, that user will not automatically have full access to all Programs within that Department; you would need to also assign that user as a Lead to each of those Departments to give them that level of access.


Can a user be provided with Administrator permissions to multiple organizations?

No, a user cannot be associated as an Administrator to multiple organizations. The workaround for this would be to add the user as an administrator and also as a lead. 


How are email notifications handled in Planning & Self-Study?

If a user is listed as a lead at the node above the plan that submitted, they will receive an email notification. It is all dependent on the permission (lead/contributor). 

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