Student Learning & Licensure Release Notes for April 12, 2022

Highlights: In this latest release, we’ve expanded functionality and enhanced several features. Field Placement Coordinators can now filter Insights data and Exports by Term!



Updates to confirmation message upon converting a submitted activity to an ePortfolio

Students will now be displayed a confirmation snack bar when they convert their activity submission to an ePortfolio removing intrusion so students can continue what they are doing without any hassle. The confirmation snack bar will also include a link to open the converted ePortfolio in a new tab, making it easy to locate right away.



Assessment panel updates

The assessment panel for the overall activity and the one for the ePortfolio component within an activity have been updated to improve usability. The changes include updates to the feedback component and a clearer indication of required fields on the activity assessment panel as well as the assessment panel for any ePortfolio components in the activity.




Time Logs

Indicative text for time log submissions that have statuses modified

The status column on both the reviewer as well as the student side now includes text to indicate if the status for a time log submission has been updated. This enables submissions to be distinguished from those that have a modified status and those for which the status has not changed.



Sum of hours for rejected time log submissions on the student side

Time log reviewers can now see a sum of the hours for a student’s rejected time log entries, just as they do for the total entries and the approved entries aggregating the information for easy consumption.





Updates to the Export as CSV button for Timelog reports

The Export to CSV button has been updated from looking like the Create New Report menu button to a normal button to improve usability. 



Updates to confirmation snack bar when saving a Time log report

The text of the snack bar displayed when saving a time log report has been updated for clarity.




Placement Management

Ability to filter results by Term in Insights and Exports

Field Placement Coordinators can now filter the results on the Insights page and the placement data export by Term. Field Placement Coordinators can choose to view results for a single term or for multiple terms at the same time, adding another useful lens, in addition to by groups, to view and sort results.



When filtering data in Insights.



When exporting data from Insights.

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