Course Evaluations & Surveys Release Notes for March 24, 2022

Pre/Post-Survey Announcement Email Communication Update 

Knowing how integral email communications are to successful engagement with your course evaluations and their results, we want to be sure the purpose of each email notification is clear and you feel confident leveraging them. In that spirit, we released a small change, to relabel the “Pre-Survey Announcement Email” to “Pre/Post-Survey Announcement Email”.
    1. Pre/Post-Survey Announcement Email: We renamed this email communication type to more clearly communicate that it’s designed to be used when the survey is not active, whether that be before the project launches or anytime after it closes. For example, you may wish to use it to announce an upcoming evaluation as a “heads-up” to your users, or after a survey concludes to announce when results become available in the Student/Public Reporting module, if applicable to your institution. In contrast, the Survey Invitation, Announcement and Non-Respondent emails will only be sent while a project or course is open, to ensure emails are not triggered inadvertently when an evaluation is not available.
For a refresher on all the email notification options and their recommended use, please see Best Practices: Email Communications and Setup Email Communications.
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