Canvas Integration

Requirements and Setup Process
  • Users should have an active account on Canvas.
  • Log into your P&SS account.
  • Go to Admin>Integrations>Connect to Canvas.
  • Follow the steps given on the flyout in P&SS to activate the integration.
Activate the Integration
To use the Canvas integration, the Planning & Self-Study system administrator or administrator must activate the integration to establish the connection with your institution's instance of Canvas. To do so, please follow these easy steps:  

1.    In Planning & Self-Study, go to Admin > Integrations > Other Integrations. Click “Connect to Canvas”.
Connect to Canvas option.

2.    Follow the steps as indicated to establish the connection. If you do not have administrative access to Developer Keys in Canvas, please reach out to someone who does for assistance.
Steps to connect Planning & Self-Study to Canvas.
When setting up the Developer Key for this integration in Canvas, we recommend using a Key Name of something like “Watermark Planning & Self-Study Integration”.
Once you provide the requested details from Canvas, click "Authorize Canvas”. In the new browser window, enter your Canvas credentials, and click “Authorize” to activate the integration.

Utilize Your Canvas Integration for Importing Assessment Results

Now that your Canvas integration has been properly set up, follow these steps when creating or updating a Measure for an Outcome in your Assessment
  1. When prompted about “Results Collection” select “Align Rubric”
  2. When asked for the source, select “Canvas”.
  3. Select “Authorize Canvas”
  4.  Log in to the Canvas account you would like to access via the prompt window that will open
  5. After a successful Canvas login click “Next”
  6. Select the Canvas course where the rubric lives.
  7. Select the Canvas assignment you would like to pull rubric data from
  8. Click “Align”
  9. Input a Rubric Score Threshold of what is deemed “Met” by the standards of your measure.
  10. You will now see a bar chart in your Results area reflecting the data you are pulling from Canvas!
Aligning the Canvas course and assignment to your measure’s Results.

Reauthorize the Canvas Account

Assessment Leads for institutions that make use of the measure results integration between Planning & Self-Study and Canvas can log out of a Canvas account in use and reauthorize using another account. This will benefit Leads who have more than one Canvas account, such as for testing purposes, or those who share an account. To add a new account:
  1. Navigate to a measure with a rubric aligned to Canvas
  2. Click the “Menu Options” button with 3 dots
  3. Click “Edit Alignment”
  4. Click the “Back Button”
  5. You will be notified that Canvas is already authorized, but select “Reauthorize here” option.
  6.  Confirm “Yes, logout”
  7. Select “Authorize Canvas”
  8. Login with your new Canvas account to re-establish the connection.
  9. Follow the steps in “Utilize Your Canvas Integration for Importing Assessment Results” to align rubric data to your results.
Link for a user to log out of their current Canvas account and reauthorize with another.

What can be integrated? 

Once the integration has been set up, users in P&SS are able to align results in a measure.

  • Users can select a course. These courses are the ones that the user has access to in their Canvas account (the credentials used for authorization). Only one course can be selected.
  • All the courses from the user’s instance in canvas will be available in P&SS through the integration.
  • Unpublished courses are also available in P&SS.
  • Outcomes created in the courses (in canvas account) cannot be accessed through integration.
  • Under the case, the assessment lead (the canvas authorized user) is not added as a teacher in the course then that course cannot be accessed through integration.

Users in P&SS can align results from Assignment type of assessment activity.

  • Assessment activities are Assignment. Users can pull relevant assessment results as evidence. (Quizzes are not accessed through the integration).
  • Unpublished assignments are also available in P&SS.
  • User needs to add a rubric to the assignment in canvas account for it to populate in the assignment dropdown to choose an assignment.


Assessment results are fetched through integration from Canvas based on the selections made in the rubric criterion.

  • These assessment results are then used along with the rubric threshold (provided in P&SS) to calculate the overall proficiency.


A New Assignment can be created in the canvas by clicking on “+Assignment” Button and can add a new or existing rubric to it.


How to give feedback for a student in Canvas

  • An assignment needs to be created with a new/existing Rubric attached.
  • A student should be assigned to the Course and Assignment and Peer Review option needs to be checked for enabling feedback feature.
  • Upon opening the assignment, to the right side we have the Peer Review link on clicking this will allow us to choose a student and grade him through the Rubric


Reviewers can give the feedback to students from the Peer Reviews link to the right.




Students view: Once the Reviewer submits a feedback by filling the Rubric they can access these grades from Grades tab to the left.


Other Considerations

Access to Gradebook

Only users with grading authority/access to the gradebook can access the integration.  In P&SS there is a limit of 5 leads per organization (program level assessment) or a limit of 5 leads per course (course level assessment). 


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