Activating Canvas

Activate the Integration
The Planning & Self-Study integration with an LMS allows you to directly align LMS assessment results to a measure in your assessment plan. The Canvas integration supports importing assessment data from assignments that have rubrics associated with them. 
There are two steps: 
  • Creating an API Developer Key
  • Creating a Canvas Admin role with specific permissions and assign this role to your P&SS administrator(s)
To use the Canvas integration, the Planning & Self-Study System Administrator must activate the integration to establish the connection with your institution's instance of Canvas. To do so, please follow these steps: 

In Planning & Self-Study, go to Admin > Integrations > Other Integrations. Click “Connect to Canvas”.
Connect to Canvas option.

Follow the steps as indicated to establish the connection. If you do not have administrative access to Developer Keys in Canvas, please reach out to someone who does for assistance.
Steps to connect Planning & Self-Study to Canvas.

Key things to consider when enabling scopes

When creating a developer key, scoping is disabled by default. If a Canvas integration has already been set up, the scope option may be disabled.


Please Note: 

  • Scopes can be updated at any time for a developer API key.
  • All the required endpoints must be selected in the key in order to make the integration work seamlessly. The integration will not work if one of these endpoints has not been enabled.
  • Allow Include Parameters option must be selected in an API key. "Includes parameters" may grant access to additional data that is not included in the Endpoints table.
  • Ensure that no additional endpoints are selected other than the required ones in an API key.


Creating API Developer key and Enabling Scopes

Open a new tab and login into Canvas.


In Account Navigation, click the Developer Keys link. 


Go to the Admin page and click on Developer Keys.
Note: Developer Keys are only visible at the Canvas root account.
Click Add Developer Key. Select the Add API Key option. 

Insert the URL that is listed in P&SS in the Redirect URLs field. 

By default the scopes are disabled. Click the Enforce Scopes button to enable.

Click the Allow Include Parameters checkbox to permit usage of all "includes" parameters for this key.

There are API endpoints that must be selected in an API key. The following endpoints will fetch the Courses, Assignments, Rubrics, and results data from Canvas.


To find the endpoints, expand the appropriate API endpoint category. 



Required API endpoints

a. url:GET|/api/v1/courses

b. url:GET|/api/v1/courses/:course_id/assignments

c. url:GET|/api/v1/courses/:course_id/rubrics/:id

d. url:GET|/api/v1/courses/:course_id/assignments/:assignment_id/submissions

e. url:GET|/api/v1/accounts

f . url:GET|/api/v1/accounts/:account_id/courses


  • Endpoints E and F are found when the Accounts category is expanded.

  • Endpoint B is found when the Assignments category is expanded.

  • Endpoint A is found when the Courses category is expanded.

  • Endpoint C is found when the Rubrics category is expanded.

  • Endpoint D is found when the Submissions category is expanded.


Save the API Key. 
NOTE: If you are updating the API key to enable scopes this does not require any changes in the Planning & Self Study application. Once the scopes are enabled, we can utilize the key to make the connection to Canvas in P&SS.


In Planning and Self-Study:

Set up integration on integration page using a P&SS admin account.


Creating Admin Role to import rubric data

Minimum set of permissions required by account role in Canvas

In order to be able to fetch assessment results from Canvas into Planning & Self Study as a P&SS account admin, you will need to have an associated Canvas admin role. This account admin role in Canvas must be been assigned a set of permissions. These permissions will allow the P&SS to leverage the account role to seamlessly fetch all the required data.


Please refer to the following steps to create an account admin role with the permissions listed below.

1. Log in as an administrator in Canvas.
2. Click Admin in the user navigation bar.
3. Click Permissions.
4. Click on Account Roles tab.
5. Click Add Role.
6. Insert a name, for example, P&SS Admin
7. Click Save
8. Select the following permissions.

  • Course Content - view
  • Courses - view list
  • Grades - view all grades
  • Reports - manage
  • Rubrics - add / edit / delete
  • Submissions - Submit on behalf of student


Add P&SS admin using the admin role created above

1. Log in as an administrator in Canvas.
2. Click Admin in the user navigation menu.
3. Choose the Canvas root account level so that the admin account role is created at that level.
4. Go to Settings in the account navigation menu.
5. Click the Admins tab.
6. Click + Account Admin button.
7. Select the role, example P&SS Admin, in Add More drop down.
8. Insert the email address of the user.
9. Click Continue.
10. Click OK Looks Good, Add This 1 User.

The user will be added as the P&SS account admin.


What can be integrated? 

Once the integration has been set up, users in P&SS are able to align results in a measure.

  • Users can select a course. These courses are the ones that the user has access to in their Canvas account (the credentials used for authorization). Only one course can be selected.
  • All the courses from the user’s instance in canvas will be available in P&SS through the integration.
  • Unpublished courses are also available in P&SS.
  • Outcomes created in the courses (in canvas account) cannot be accessed through integration.
  • Under the case, the assessment lead (the canvas authorized user) is not added as a teacher in the course then that course cannot be accessed through integration.

Users in P&SS can align results from Assignment type of assessment activity.

  • Assessment activities are Assignment. Users can pull relevant assessment results as evidence. (Quizzes are not accessed through the integration).
  • Unpublished assignments are also available in P&SS.
  • User needs to add a rubric to the assignment in canvas account for it to populate in the assignment dropdown to choose an assignment.


Assessment results are fetched through integration from Canvas based on the selections made in the rubric criterion.



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