Student Learning & Licensure Release Notes for March 1, 2022

Highlights: In this latest release, we’ve expanded functionality and enhanced several features. Introducing the ability to check if the colors chosen from the ePortfolio Design tab have an ideal contrast ratio! You can also now save a time logs report while editing and return later to continue your progress!



Ability to check the contrast ratio of colors from the Design tab

Students can use the color-contrast checker in the ePortfolio Design tab to optimize accessibility and readability for their ePortfolio audience! Select a combination of colors that highlights your content while better catering to the audience reviewing your portfolio. 


The new color contrast checker is available under the Colors section of the Design tab panel.


Updated preview for a shared ePortfolio link

Students now have access to an enhanced preview that is more professional in appearance and provides an in-depth glimpse into the contents of your ePortfolio. Utilize this functionality for your shared ePortfolio link that includes the ePortfolio description, uploaded cover image, and updated product name. 


The link preview displays when the shared ePortfolio link is pasted into social tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 



Ability to save Time Logs reports

You can now save your time logs reports to access them later from the Saved Reports table.



Easily return to the latest state in which you last saved your time logs report to continue editing right where you left off. 



Ability to edit the title of a saved Time Logs report

You can now go back into a saved time logs report and edit the title adding an additional layer of flexibility to your workflow. 



Ability to retain context when scrolling through a Time Logs report

Scroll vertically and horizontally through individual data tables of your time logs report without having to worry about losing context. The column headers (when scrolling down) and the first column (when scrolling to the right) remain sticky or frozen so that you always know which categories, groups, or students you are viewing data for. 



General Accessibility Enhancements

We continue to make improvements related to Accessibility and Responsiveness to meet the needs of a diverse population of users. With this release, we made several accessibility enhancements to the In Progress Groups and Activities area of the system as viewed by faculty, supervisors, and mentors. These include:

  • Updated the error and status messages when creating or editing rubrics to be appropriately exposed to screen readers.
  • Ensured that while creating/editing rubrics, the focus is aptly retained on the page when deleting levels or elements.
  • Updated the standard mapping modal to improve focus when removing mapped standards.
  • Updated the content editor in templates to function aptly when adding components to individual sections using a keyboard.
  • Updated the choose theme/preview in templates to retain focus for drop-down components when using a keyboard.
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