Faculty Success Release Notes for February 22, 2022

As the main way to engage participants in your faculty review processes, it’s important that your stakeholders trust and get what they need from system-generated email notifications. Today’s release brings new tools to help you tailor and test these messages so you can be confident they’ll get the job done.


Reviews, Promotion and Tenure

New Features

Schedules: Configure Emails for a Step

Add custom body and closing text to round out standard email notifications.


GIF with 1) Email Settings for the Invitation Email for the “Faculty Submission” step with Send = Yes and custom body and closing text defined, and 2) Gmail view of the resulting Invitation Message with the custom body and closing text highlighted.

Use these new options to inject your institution’s tone and culture into these messages, share more about the context around the process and their involvement in it, and help recipients understand the purpose, value and importance of participating!

Note: The green shading in the image above is simply to show where the custom text lives in the email body; it will not appear in your messages.


Send yourself a test email for verification and some extra peace of mind.


“Send Test Email(s)” lightbox the “Faculty Submission” step’s Invitation Emails, with prompt to enter up to 10 email addresses to send a test to.

Email notifications pull lots of important details about your process together to let the recipient know what they need to do, like participant name, institution name, schedule name, step due date, and now your custom body and closing text. You want to be sure that the way they come together makes sense, conveys trustworthiness, and drives action! Now - in seconds - you can send yourself a test to confirm just that.

Want to learn more?

Check out How to Configure Custom Email Settings for more on how to add custom text and send yourself a test!

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