Student Learning & Licensure Release Notes for February 15, 2022

Highlights: In this latest release, we’ve expanded functionality and enhanced several features. We’ve added the ability to easily create or edit an ePortfolio from the selection modal within the activity! You can now export a Time Logs report as a CSV file! Also, new fonts are available for use in the ePortfolio design tab. 



Ability to create a new ePortfolio from the reference component

You can now use a link to create a new ePortfolio from directly within the activity. There is a new “Create ePortfolio” button within the ePortfolio reference component which will open the ePortfolio creation modal in a new tab. This update creates a streamlined way to meet the requirements of the activity, rather than having to make multiple clicks and navigate back out of the activity in order to complete the requirements.


From within an activity, click the “Select ePortfolio” button associated with the reference component question. A new button has been added to the selection modal.



Clicking the button will open a new tab with the Create ePortfolio modal, allowing the user to select whether to create from a blank page or a template.



Upon saving the ePortfolio and navigating back to the original tab, the Select ePortfolio modal will now display the newly created ePortfolio for selection.



Ability to create a new ePortfolio from the reference component

When viewing an ePortfolio from within the Select ePortfolio modal of an activity, you can now switch to edit mode to make updates. When a student is selecting the ePortfolio to attach to an activity, they are able to preview it in a new tab. 



If the user notices a change that needs to be made before submitting, they can now easily switch into Edit Mode to make that change, rather than having to backtrack out of the activity, navigate to the ePortfolio area of the system to make the change and then back to the activity. This streamlines the process and reduces clicks.


Additional fonts for ePortfolios

You can now use additional fonts in the design tab of the ePortfolio builder and the ePortfolio template builder. We have added the following fonts and they can be used for any of the design elements in the design tab. 

  • Arvo
  • Cormorant Garamond
  • Libre Baskerville
  • Merriweather
  • Montserrat
  • Oswald
  • Quicksand
  • Zilla Slab

The addition of new fonts adds to the flexibility of the user in creating a professional design for their ePortfolio.



Ability to export a Time Logs report as a CSV

You can now export the results of a Time Logs report as a CSV. Users may have a need to have the Time Logs report information in a downloadable format to use for further analysis or to provide the information to other stakeholders.



Update to error messages in Time Logs reports

We’ve updated the way that error messages display and disappear when creating and editing a Time Logs report. In the past when switching between the two types of Time Logs reports (student and group) an error message from one would persist to the other as the user switched. We have updated this to reduce confusion.



General Accessibility Enhancements

We continue to make improvements related to Accessibility and Responsiveness to meet the needs of a diverse population of users. With this release, we made several accessibility enhancements to the In Progress Groups and Activities area of the system as viewed by faculty, supervisors, and mentors. These include:

  • We’ve updated the timeline area to improve focus when loading more items
  • We’ve updated the focus order when creating and editing a Time Logs report
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