Sitecore Login for CS Access

This login instruction is for all clients logging into the Catalog system directly without the use of an SSO or Unified Navigation or Navigator implementation.

The login URL for this direct system login is the same as all other logins, the redirect will simply point the user to the Sitecore Login:


Sitecore Login

Your username will always be as follows when using this login method: institutiondomain\username 

The "username" is usually the first part of your email, but could have been determined by the admin during implementation. If you need assistance in finding what your username is, please contact support.

The password is initially set up by default for all users using the institution domain with asterisks, always lowercase, at least 8 characters or more: ex. sti*****, smart***, university* 

The password can be changed once logged in the first time or changed by support or the admin if requested.

Both username and password are caps sensitive.

The "InstitutionDomainName" is recorded on the Institution item within the content tree if you are not aware of it. It is most commonly the domain also used by the institution website and the catalog site address.

 Additional articles for logging into Sitecore directly:

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