Faculty Success Release Notes for January 25, 2022

The Jan 25, 2022 release brings administrators a brand new configuration page to directly assist with the settings applied to all processes. This unified feature configuration page empowers administrators to make immediate changes to the settings, without the need to submit a work request!


Reviews, Promotion and Tenure

New Features

System Settings

A new option will now appear under the Workflow heading at the top of the page called System Settings.


This option will only be available to users who have been configured as an administrator for the Workflow module in Faculty Success. When selected, a new page opens which contains the currently available configuration options.

The new System Settings page with a section for Notification Settings

The first option, Sender Information, allows you to select the From Name which appears in the emails sent to all process participants. This setting, which used to require a work request to change, can now be directly modified by administrators!

Revising the From Name for all Workflow emails

The second new option, Defaults for New Schedules, grants you additional control over the default email settings used when you create a brand new schedule, specifically:

  • your preferred send time for recurring emails
  • which notification types (invitation, reminders, etc.) and frequencies to apply to each type of process step (initial submission, review committees, etc.)

As an administrator, you can set your global defaults here, and they'll apply to any brand new schedules you create.

Setting the default email configuration for the initial submission step

This new functionality will be particularly beneficial for establishing a common email configuration across all newly created schedules. By managing these settings globally, it reduces the manual changes which have previously been necessary when setting up the first schedule of a new template. We hope this further iteration of changes aimed at empowering Workflow administrators is useful to you and your institution!

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