Student Learning & Licensure (formerly Via) Release Notes for January 11, 2022

Highlights: In this latest release, we’ve expanded functionality and enhanced several features. There is a new design tab for ePortfolios and ePortfolio templates! Users can now sort the columns in the Saved Reports table.



New Design options for ePortfolio Templates and ePortfolios

We’ve added a new Design tab when creating and editing ePortfolios and ePortfolio templates. 

For ePortfolios, formerly known as showcases, this replaces the old “Themes” tab and provides more flexibility and precision when designing the look and feel of an ePortfolio. Existing ePortfolios/Showcases will retain their old selected “theme” until the user chooses to update the design tab to utilize the new styling.



Administrators can also make use of the new Design tab when creating ePortfolio templates to ensure that all students have a similar look and feel for their ePortfolios. Administrators may restrict students from changing the design through a new checkbox on the settings field.


Institutions often have brand colors and a prescribed style for ePortfolios. This new feature allows administrators to provide those design standards to students in the ePortfolio template. Additionally, for student creating and editing ePortfolios, these changes provide more information about the styling choices as well as more flexibility in the design.


Note that for pre-existing ePortfolios or Showcases, the old theme is still visible and usable but no longer editable. An overlay is visible on the side panel informing the user that their theme has been retired and suggesting they upgrade to the new design features.


Clicking the Update Design button will remove the old theme and allow the user to use the new design settings to customize their ePortfolio.



Ability to sort saved reports

You can now sort the columns of the Saved Reports table making it easier for users to find the information they are looking for. By clicking on the column name, you can now sort by Report Name, Report Type or Last Modified date. 



General Accessibility Enhancements

We continue to make improvements related to Accessibility and Responsiveness to meet the needs of a diverse population of users. With this release, we’ve updated the title input field when creating activity templates to ensure screen readers can properly associate the labels with the field.

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