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Saving and Exporting a Report

Please note that Analytics will be discontinued on August 31, 2023. For more information please click the link below

Reports created in Analytics can be exported, and they can be saved and reopened later.

Exporting a report
When a report is exported out of Analytics, the report is converted to a PDF, Excel, or CSV file, and saved on the local computer. The export includes all criteria, measures, and data created in the Table panel or other chart type. (See the Visual Report Types – Charts and Graphs section.)

To export a report:

  1. Click the More actions and options icon.
  2. From the popup menu, select Export.
  3. Select a file format for the export (PDF, Excel, or CSV).

       4. On the Export popup window, select a page size and orientation
       5. Click the Export button


Saving a Report
When a report is saved in Analytics, all the criteria and measures, as well as their order and layout within the report are included. However, the values of the criteria and measures are NOT saved. This allows the report to be opened at a later time, and the data presented in the report will be updated with current data.

Saved reports are stored online, within Analytics. Every institution has its own Analytics reports folder, which is only viewable by the owning institution.

To save a report:
       1. Click the Save As icon (Disk/Pencil icon).


       2. On the Save As popup window, double click the My Domains folder.


       3. Double click the Institutional folder.


       4. Type a name for the report into the Filename box.
       5. Click the Save button.


Opening a Saved Report
Saved reports can be reopened at any time. Once open, the values of the report’s criteria and measures will be updated with current data.

To open a report:
       1. Click the Open… icon (Folder icon).


      2. On the Open popup window, double click the My Domains folder


       3. Double click the Institutional folder.


      4. Select the report to be opened by clicking it.
      5. Click the Open button



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