Field Experience Management (FEM) and Analytics

FEM and Analytics

Please note that Analytics will be discontinued on August 31, 2023. For more information please click the link below

LiveText Analytics can report on both course-based assessment (called C1), as well as Field Experience Management (FEM) assessments. If the same rubric has been used in both C1 and FEM, Analytics will aggregate the data and present the rubric data as one data set.

One easy method used to separate the C1 rubric data and the FEM rubric data is to apply the Assessor Role criterion to the report. This criterion can include four different values: C1 assessor, FEM intern, FEM mentor, and FEM supervisor. Any data associated with a course-based assessment will be listed with the C1 assessor value, and data associated with FEM assessment will be listed with the FEM intern, FEM mentor, or FEM supervisor value.

TIP: Another useful criterion for delineating between C1 and FEM assessments is Assignment Title. For FEM data, Assignment Title will show the name of the FEM Internship.

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