Administrator User Guide: Settings


The Settings page allows administrators to access and build information about academic terms. While new terms may be created through the section import, any differences between start and end dates with differing start and end dates may result in multiple versions of the same term. 

Terms can alternatively be created under settings terms to create common terms that can be applied to all sections within an academic period and can be used to filter reports. 

     1. On the term tab, the admin can view existing terms that have been created manually or through past section imports. 
     2. To create a new term, select the green “Create Term” button. 
     3. Enter information for:

          a. Term Code: 

               i. Explanation: Term Code  
               ii. Example: SP21
               iii. Field Type and Length: Alphanumeric, 20
               iv. Status: Required

          b. Term Name: 

               i. Explanation: Term Name  
               ii. Example: Spring 2021
               iii. Field Type and Length: Alphanumeric, 20
               iv. Status: Required

          c. Start: 

               i. Explanation: First day of the academic term  
               ii. Example: 01/18/2021
               iii. Field Type and Length: month/date/year
               iv. Status: Required

          d. End:

               i. Explanation: Last day of the academic term 
               ii. Example: 05/14/2021
               iii. Field Type and Length: month/date/year
               iv. Status: Required

     4. Once the term is created, the Term Code in step a may be used in a section import to align a specific course section to the academic term. 

Administration Settings: System Preferences

The Data Permissions for Faculty section under the System Preferences settings tab allows institutions to determine whether or not instructors should have access to student data when reporting. Academic Data and Demographic Data can each be toggled on or off to be made available to faculty in reports. This control allows the institution to manage faculty access to student data to meet institutional FERPA needs. 

Administrators will access these toggles in the settings area:
     1. Go to Settings
     2. Select the System Preference tab


     3. Click “Edit” to the right of “Data Permissions for Faculty”
     4. Data Permissions for Faculty can be set separately for Demographic and Academic data by toggling the slide bar next to each item. 


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