Administrator User Guide: The Administrator Home Page

The Administrator Home Page

After logging in, the Administrator homepage will display.  The homepage is divided into three sections:  the area selection section across the top, the workspace list on the left side, and the workspace on the right side.


Area Selection

In the Area Selection section of the homepage, there are 4 primary buttons:  Hierarchy, Import, Settings, and Extracts. Clicking on these buttons will display the corresponding area of the Administrator’s homepage. The options found in the workspace and workspace list are based on the Area Selection button chosen. 

The Hierarchy Area

The Hierarchy area is displayed immediately after logging into an administrator account, or when the Hierarchy area selection button is clicked. The Hierarchy area has two sections. The left side allows an administrator to view and create a tier list.  The right side provides a workspace containing several options for viewing, creating, and editing components and resources that provide the framework for the day to day usage of SL&L.  

The Hierarchy Tier List

The tier list is a fundamental part of SL&L.  It establishes the structure of the organization, as well as users’ access to resources.  The tier list can be created and viewed on the left side of the Hierarchy area.  The top tier is created by SL&L.  Within this top tier, administrators can create secondary tiers.  Within 2nd level tiers, administrators can create 3rd level tiers, and 4th level tiers within 3rd level tiers.  

To create a tier list:

     1. Highlight the existing tier inside which the new tier will be created.
     2. Click the Plus button, located in the top left corner of the hierarchy tier list section.
     3. Type the name of the new tier and press enter.

NOTE: Once a tier is created, it is permanent and cannot be moved or deleted. However, a tier’s name can be changed.

To change the name of a tier:

     1. Highlight the existing tier to be changed.
     2. Click the Pencil button, located to the right of the Plus button.
     3. Type in the new name and press enter.

As users are created, they are placed into a tier. As administrators create various resources, they create those resources within a tier.  The relationship between a user’s tier and a resource’s tier determines whether a user can access a resource. The rules governing access follow a “top down” model:

     1. A resource created at the top tier is accessible to all users.
     2. A resource created at a second tier is accessible only to users in that secondary tier. If the secondary tier has a third
         and fourth tier within it, users in those tiers have access as well.
     3. A resource created at a third tier is accessible only to users in that third tier.  If the third tier has a fourth tier within it,
         users in that tier have access as well.
     4. A resource created at a fourth tier is accessible only to users in that fourth tier.


The Hierarchy Area Workspace

The Hierarchy workspace occupies the right side of the Hierarchy Area home page.  This section allows an administrator to create, view, and edit components and resources for tiers and the users in those tiers.

There are five tabs at the top of the Hierarchy workspace. They include Admin, Course, Template, Rubric, and Standard (if your organization is using Field Experience, you will also see a Field Experience tab). The settings and options within each of these tabs is specific to the tier that is highlighted.

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