Unicheck (Plagiarism Checker)

Overview - Unicheck Plagiarism Detection Service
Unicheck is an online plagiarism detection service that is complimentary to LiveText customers. Unicheck checks students’ submitted work against billions of Internet resources and generates a plagiarism report after each scan is completed.

This guide will outline how to setup an assignment utilizing Unicheck, the student submission process, and how to access the Similarity Report by both students and instructors.

Assignment Creation Instructions
In LiveText, assignments can be created by administrators as well as instructors.

To create an assignment with Unicheck enabled:

  1. Log into your LiveText account.
  2. From the Courses tab, click the name of the course in which the assignment will be created.
  3. Click on the Assignments tab.
  4. Click on the + Create button
  5. When creating an assignment, add all assignment details, such as title, due date, assessment document, etc.
  6. In the Resources & Settings section, uncheck Allow LiveText Documents and leave Allow External Files checked

NOTE: Unicheck only supports text files in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, and .odt. Unicheck will not run originality checks on LiveText documents.


       7. Under the Assessment section, click the Show More button.
       8. Check the box next to Enable Unicheck
9. Once all desired components have been added to the assignment, click Save Assignment at the top or               bottom of the page

Student Submission
Once an Unicheck enabled assignment is created, students can begin submitting the requested artifacts to it, just as any other LiveText assignment. There is no limit a user can submit at one time. The Unicheck detection scan will begin immediately after a student submits the assignment, and the student will be notified that the Unicheck scan has started.


Instructor- Generating a Similarity Report
The Unicheck Similarity Report shows detailed information about each uploaded and checked document: name, check status, originality and similarity percentage, number of sources used without acknowledgement, username, time and date.

To view a student submission and its Similarity Report:

  1. Log into your LiveText account.
  2. Click on the progress bar of the identified assignment.
  3. The available student submissions will appear in the Awaiting Assessment column.
  4. Once the Unicheck scan is complete, the Similarity Report percent will display next to the student’s name.
  5. The displayed percentage represents the total percent of the submitted work that has been matched to other known sources.
  6. To see an individual student’s result, click on their name in the Awaiting Assessment column.
  7. Within the student submission area, the instructor will have access to the student’s submitted work and the Similarity Report.
  1. Click on the Similarity Report. The report will open in another window.
  2. The Similarity Report will display the students work next to the Originality and Similarity percent, total used sources, any sources that were excluded, and the similarity sources.
  3. The parts of a student’s submission that Unicheck matched to other works will be highlighted in yellow.
  4. Clicking on the yellow highlighted text in the student’s work will identify the paired source located on the Similarity Sources column
  5. To review the original source, click on the link icon next to source listing
  1. To export a PDF of the report, click the Generate Report button.
  2. When finished reviewing the Unicheck report, return to the assessment page and click the Submit Assessment button.

Student- Generating a Similarity Report
Students can also view their Similarity Report. The Similarity Report will be available when a student submits to an Unicheck enabled assignment, their submission status is either Awaiting Assessment or Completed, and the Unicheck scan has finished.


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