LiveText Analytics - Getting Started and Basics

Please note that Analytics will be discontinued on August 31, 2023. For more information please click the link below

The only prerequisite for successfully using Analytics is that assessment data has been gathered. However, to maximize the benefits of Analytics, it is helpful to consider some data points and best practices which will greatly enrich its reporting capabilities:

  • Multiple terms of data
  • Terms include begin and end dates
  • Assessments are in place that collect longitudinal data
  • Rubric performance levels have point values assigned
  • Rubric elements have weights applied
  • Standards and outcomes aligned in the rubrics
  • Student profile information included, such as ethnicity, major, GPA, test scores

Accessing Analytics
Once Analytics has been purchased, it is accessible to an administrator with the Analytics privilege enabled for their account.

NOTE: If additional accounts require access to Analytics, please contact LiveText Support.

To access Analytics:

  1. Log into the account with Analytics access.
  2. Click the Tools tab.
  3. Click the Analytics tab.
  4. In the scroll box, click your institution's name.
  5. Click the LiveText Analytics button.


Analytics Basics

Menu Items
There are several menu icons across the top of Analytics, as well as File and View menus. Below is a brief description of each:

NOTE: The File and View menus are traditional dropdown menus that duplicate the functions of the menu icons.

  • Folder icon: Open - Opens a saved report (see the Saving Reports section)
  • New Dashboard icon: Opens a new dashboard tab (under development)
  • Pencil icon: Edit Content - Opens the edit screen to edit the reports on a custom dashboard (under development)
  • Disk icon: Save - Saves the current report created in the Analyzer tool (see the Saving Reports section)
  • Disk/Pencil icon: Save As – Saves the current report as a new report, having no effect on a previously saved report (see the Saving Reports section)
  • Window/Arrow icon: Toggle Browser – displays or hides the report browser window (see the Saving Reports section)
  • Table icon: New Analyzer report – Opens a new Analyzer tab (see the Analyzer Report Tab section)


After logging into Analytics, the Dashboard is displayed. The Dashboard includes four default reports. Although these reports cannot currently be customized, they do represent active data.

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