Tk20 2021.03 Release Notes (V9.2.7)

Enhancements in the March 22, 2021 Tk20 Release

As part of this release, you will see an enhancement to an Administrator workflow in Field Experience Binders. There are additional system wide enhancements as well, S3- Image issue resolution and Help Desk Changes in FE binder. The overall goal of this release is to improve certain processes within Tk20 by Watermark, and resolve high-priority issues. 

System Wide

CK Editor: S3 Image fix

The newly uploaded image links in the Ck editor will not break anymore. All the existing broken image links have been fixed for the Portfolios and FE binder descriptions, tab descriptions and form entries. The changes will be reflected at the locations mentioned in the sheet:-


Field Experience

Append Student name to Reminder Subject

Administrators will now see the default subject text “Submission for [Student First Name][Student last Name]” while creating the reminder of type “Send reminder upon students submission of an artifact”. They will also be able to add additional subject text. 

The assessors will now see the name of the student who has submitted the FE binder in the received email.

Default Subject text



Email subject with Student’s name

Image 1.jpg


Missing Space and Outdated Link in FE Binder

Administrators will now be able to see the updated text “Tutorials and quick guides are available at the Tk20 by Watermark Help Desk" under the advanced options in step 4 while sending an FE binder. The link will redirect the users to the Tk20 page. Also, the email will contain “Tk20 by Watermark” rather than just “Tk20”.


Production Defects fixed in 9.2.7

  • Fixed an issue where clients were getting an oops error when trying to delete a Cooperating Teacher from a site. The issue had to do with employment dates existing for the mentioned user. 
  • Fixed an issue in Field Experience binders where students were able to submit their binders without fully completing required items from a rubric. 
  • Fixed an issue in applications and application review forms where when users were adding multiple rows to a table and using the “/” symbol in date fields, the “/” symbol was repeating itself.
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