Canvas LTI 1.3 Integration - Adding SL&L activities to a Canvas course

Please note terminology within Student Learning & Licensure has recently been updated and we're working to update our help center articles:

Group Templates = Courses

Groups = Sections

Adding SL&L activities to a Canvas course

The following instructions will allow you to insert a link in your Canvas course that takes students and faculty to a specific activity in Student Learning & Licensure (SL&L). Please note that the activity must be created in SL&L first, before it can be linked to Canvas.

1. Log in to your Canvas faculty account and navigate to your Course home page
2. Go to Assignments
3. Click + Assignment to add a new assignment

4. Enter a Title for your assignment
5. Enter a point value


6. Set Submission Type to External Tool
7. Click Find
8. Find the Student Learning & Licensure (formerly Via) app and click Select
9. Check the box for Load This Tool In A New Tab
10. Click Save & Publish
11. Click Load [assignment name] in a new window

12. A new tab will open. Choose the Specific Activity option


13. Choose a group and activity from SL&L, and click SELECT & SAVE in the upper right corner of the page

14. A Success message will be displayed on the page. Click RETURN TO LMS. Clicking the link in your Canvas course will now take you directly to the SL&L activity

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