Remove Standards From Published Rubrics

Administrators and faculty who create and edit rubrics can now also remove standards from published rubrics. We hope this makes it easier to resolve mistakes and make changes over time to associated standards. Removing a standard from a published rubric will update existing templates, activities and reports that used that rubric in the same way that adding a new standard does.

To remove a standard from a published rubric:

  1. Select and open the rubric to edit.
  2. Access the standards associated with an element or the overall rubric through the “Select Standards” button.


  1. When the “Standards mapping” screen opens, you can uncheck one or more standards to remove their alignment.


  • A new notation indicating whether the selected standard has been published with the rubric has also been added to help users distinguish between new standards being added to the rubric and those that already exist.

4. When the user saves the standards mapping after making a change, a new warning message appears asking for confirmation that you want to save.


  1. The Rubric Publish message now reflects the fact that standards may now be added or removed after publication of the rubric.


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