AIS Reviewer Role Guide

The Assessment Insight System™ (AIS) Reviewer role allows individuals in academic and non-academic units to review and provide feedback to program and unit plans, curriculum and assessment maps, reports, and findings. AIS administrators can assign Reviewer status to existing LiveText accounts to review plans and templates that have been submitted by AIS authors.

During the evaluating phase, the Reviewer can add comments and utilize a rubric to help provide quantitative and qualitative analysis options. This guide will outline the role of the Reviewer and the activities this user can perform in AIS.


AIS Reviewer Dashboard

The AIS Reviewer Dashboard displays the status of a template to which the Reviewer has been assigned. Once a template is chosen from the Select Template dropdown menu, the Dashboard will display the template status, section status, and detail status of the template. The status phases are:

• Not Started indicates that the Author(s) has yet to begin completing the template.
• In Progress indicates that the Author(s) has started, but not yet completed the template.
• Submitted indicates that the Author(s) has completed the template and submitted it to
Reviewer for review and feedback.
• Reviewed indicates that the template has been reviewed and formally approved by the
Reviewer group.

The Reviewer can only access sections of a template that have a status of Submitted or


Template Status

The Template Status view shows a pie graph representing the template’s overall completion status, shown by percentage of each status phase.


Section Status

The Section Status view shows a bar graph representing the completion status of the template’s individual sections, shown by quantity of each status phase.


Detail Status

The Detail Status view shows the Program/Unit(s) to which the template was distributed and to which the assigned Reviewer. For each program/unit, the name and status of each section are displayed. The Reviewer can hover over the status indictor of each section to confirm the phase as Not Started, In Progress, Submitted or Reviewed. If the section status is Submitted or Reviewed, the Reviewer can click on the status indictor to go to that specific section of the Template.


Evaluating Templates

Evaluation of templates includes several methods. Reviewers can add comments and feedback. They can also score rubrics that are included as part of the template or template section.


Reviewing and Adding Comments

1. Log into an account with Reviewer permissions.
2. Click the AIS tab.

3. Select a template from the Select Template dropdown menu.
4. From the Details Status view, click on the status indictor to go to that specific section of the Template. Reviewers can only access sections with a status of Reviewed or Submitted.

5. Once the Template section is accessed, the Reviewer can review all of the information as prepared by the ‘Author’(s).
6. If the author provided an attachment, click on the attached item to open it for review.

7. To add comments or provide feedback, scroll to the bottom of the section, and locate the Review Comments field.

8. Click Add a comment and enter comments or feedback.
9. Click the Add button.


Scoring Rubrics

1. If a rubric has been included as part of a template or section, the rubric will be displayed on the far right side, in the Assessment Panel.
2. There are two options for scoring a rubric:


Option 1: The Reviewer can score the rubric within the Assessment Panel.


3. The rubric’s element title(s) will be abbreviated as Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, etc.
4. Hover over each Item to see the full element title.
5. The performance levels of the rubric will be abbreviated as L1, L2, L3, etc. This abbreviation represents the performance level’s left most position within the rubric.

6. Hover over each cell to see the element title, point value, and criterion description.
7. Click the desired cell.


Option 2: The Reviewer can score the rubric on the Details popup window.


8. Click on the Details link next to the Section or Template Assessment Rubric heading.

9. To score the rubric, click on the desired cell.
10. Comments can be left in the designated Comment area.
11. To complete any additional rubrics in the section or template, click on the rubric’s title at the bottom of the window.
12. Click on the “X” to save the completed rubric(s) and close the popup window.
13. Click Save to save the review and share it with the Author(s). This option will allow the Author(s) to make changes to the section, if necessary.
14. Click Complete Review to save the review and prevent the Author(s) from making any subsequent changes to the section.


NOTE: Only the Template Manager can reset the Complete Review status. If the status
needs to be changed, please contact your institution’s Template Manager.

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