Video Assessment for Students Guide

Video Assessment Overview

LiveText Video Assessment is a tool designed for the easy submission and assessment of streaming video artifacts within LiveText. Video Assessment allows students to submit streaming videos to an assignment, just like any other artifact. Students can embed comments in the video and those comments will be visible to the assessor during the assessment process. Additionally, assessors can embed their own comments in the video, which may then be reviewed by students.


Video Requirements

  1. The maximum file size is 200mb
  2. The file type must be one of the following
    • .mov
    • .wmv
    • .avi
    • .mp4
    • .flv

*Note: Instructions for converting/compressing videos can be found here


Submitting to an assignment

Submitting a streaming video to an assignment is accomplished in the same way as submitting any other type of artifact. The process consists of locating an assignment, attaching a file, and then submitting the assignment for review. Video assessment differs only by providing the ability to add embedded comments to the video.


To attach a streaming video to an assignment:

  1. From the Dashboard, locate the assignment to which the video will be submitted (Note: the dropdown menus can be used to filter assignments by term and course)
  2. Click the Begin Assignment button beneath the assignment title (Note: If the assignment has been opened before, the button will say Continue Assignment)
  3. On the assignment page, click the Attach button to open the Attach Resources popup window
  4. If the video file has previously uploaded to LiveText, click the radio button next to File Manager and select the file by clicking the checkbox next to its name. If the video file has not been uploaded, click the Upload button
  5. Click the Browse Button (this button may say Choose File instead)
  6. Navigate to the video file and double click on it. The progress bar will show the status of the upload. After it shows 100%, wait until "Completed" is displayed before continuing
  7. When finished selecting or uploading the video file, click the Attach button
  8. On the assignment page, the video will begin processing (Note: this may take several minutes, depending on the size of the video file)
  9. If embedded comments are not necessary, click the Submit Assignment button to complete the assignment and submit the video for review (your video will continue processing after the assignment is submitted).

To add embedded comments to a video:

  1. Wait for the video to finish processing
  2. Play the video, and pause it in a place where a comment will be added
  3. Click the Add Comment button in the top right corner of the video
  4. Type in your comment and click Done
  5. When you are finished adding comments, click the Submit Assignment button

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