Curriculum Strategy Release Notes for November 17, 2021

Today's release brings 3 more enhancements so you can:

  • Help participants navigate the curriculum proposal process more confidently by
    configuring a new set of in-app messages, tailored to their specific form fields and
    actions they’re taking.
  • Update catalog headers and footers in minutes through new fields in your Institution
    Settings area!
  • Include the syllabi you manage in Watermark more easily in your LMS or on your
    institution website using the new Curriculum Strategy Syllabus API.


Additional Pop-Up Messaging on Curriculum Forms

Give participants in your curriculum proposal process timely, in-context instructions, tips or reminders with new pop-up messages that appear based on specific form fields and actions. With these new types of in-app messages, you can more effectively tailor your instructions based on things that can vary - like whether a course is cross-listed. In the cross-listing case, for example, you can use this new option to alert a submitter that the course for which they’re proposing a change is cross-listed and tell them how this impacts their curriculum proposal next steps right there, before they submit.


These types of pop-up messages are presented to the user when the proposal is saved, and require the participant to select “OK” to proceed with moving the proposal through the workflow.

To set up new in-app messages based on specific form fields and actions, please reach out to Watermark Support at with the following information:

  • If the message is conditional based on a form field (e.g., if the Prerequisite field is not blank, the message should appear) Please note: The Pre-pop Conditional Message is used for messages that should be displayed when the form is initially populated, and would only be applicable to change forms. 
  • If a workflow action should trigger the message (e.g., this message should appear if a form is moving from the Dean to the Provost) Please note: The Workflow Conditional Message allows us to set pop-up messages based on the workflow action. Multiple conditions can be set up.
  • What forms this message should appear on
  • What the message should say



Edit the HTML of Web Catalog Headers & Footers

With two new fields in your Institution Settings area, you can update your web catalog headers and footers yourselves, with immediate results!


These edits can be made by any user who has permissions to edit the Institution item.

Please note that this does require knowledge of HTML editing, so if you need help we’re still happy to assist. But we hope this helps save you the hassle and delay of a ticket to Watermark Support!

If you do elect to update your headers and footers yourselves, please note that unlike with other fields in the system, you cannot preview the changes. The updates will need to be published before the changes will be reflected in both preview and on the live site. We also recommend copying the HTML into Notepad++ or a similar HTML text editor, making the edits there, and then pasting those changes back into these fields, so you can make use of some of the nice HTML editing features in those programs.

Please also note that this feature is dependent on functionality introduced to catalogs within the last five years. If your catalog has not been updated in the last five years, or you do not see HTML in these new fields on the Institution item, please contact us at for assistance.



Syllabus API

Integrate syllabus information into your LMS or your institution’s website using the new Syllabus RESTful API. Read more about this in the API Documentation .

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