Workspace Template

This video will walk you through the process of building a workspace template. 

     1. Log in to your AMS account and click on Workspace Tools on the left-side of the screen.
     2. Click Workspace Template Builder.
     3. Title your workspace template. The title of the workspace should indicate what the workspace         will be used for but should be generic enough so it can be used by multiple campus units, if                    needed. Click Create New
         Workspace Template

     4. Under the header Use the Wizard to Create a Starting Format, you’ll see a matrix that lists the different plan
         components and the requirement types in the matrix. Decide which components will be standing
         requirements, which will be cyclical requirements, and which, if any, will be excluded as noted in the blue box
         above the matrix. Once you’ve made your selections, click Save & Continue.
     5. AMS generates a name for your cycle. You can leave it or change the name of your cycle. Click Finished –
         Create Template
     6. Click Start Working on Structure & Requirements.
     7. Designate what type of content a contributor can add, and you may provide instruction related to the plan as
         a whole. You may also add an overview to the Standing Requirements category and to each requirement
         within that category. If you need to add additional requirement to a category, or to any category, select the
         arrow to the right of the category name and choose the desired requirement. Most planning requirements
         were brought in through the matrix wizard, but if you want to add an additional submission, choose the
         submission requirement, name it, and click Create.
     8. Select content types. Add some directions to your new requirement. If you want to rename, rearrange, or
         delete any sections or requirements in your workspace, click the arrow next to the requirement, and click the
         appropriate action.
     9. Click Preferences tab at the top. If you need to make changes, click Change Preferences. Make your
         selections and click Apply Changes.

For further guidance, please see the video below:

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