Select Workspaces to Review, Release or Reconcile

Several of the Review links of your home page provide quick access to items requiring a specific kind of Review activity in ALL the Workspaces to which you are assigned and have visibility access. The Display Preferences page enables you to narrow down the display of activity to a subset of Workspaces.

When you select Items Requiring ReviewReviews to be Released or Reviews to be Reconciled, you are navigated to the Display Preferences page.

If you bypass this screen and are navigated directly to the list of submissions requiring attention, you may have previously made the selection Do not display this screen in future searches, or you may be enrolled as a Reviewer in only one (1) Workspace.

To select Workspaces for these activities

  1. On the Display Preferences screen, use checkboxes to individually Select Workspaces to Review/Release/Reconcile. Note that each Workspace that includes items currently requiring attention is annotated with a red exclamation point (!).
  2. (Optional)  Check Select All Workspaces if you want the results to display ALL the workspaces to which you have access

 Note: Your selections are remembered by the system for your work session. If you would like to skip this screen in future and go straight from shortcut to results, using these saved selections:

  • Check the Workspaces you want the results grid to default to display.
  • Check the "do not display this screen in future searches" check box
  1. Click Continue. You are navigated to your list of items requiring attention. The list is limited to only those Workspaces you selected.

What's Next

If you began with the Items Requiring Review or Reviews to be Released link, click here to learn how to use that work grid.

If you began with the Reviews to be Reconciled link, click here to learn how to perform a reconciliation.

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