Internal Multiple Sessions Waiver

You have requested an exception to be made to allow multiple simultaneous “sessions” or “logins” for the account (xxxxname of accountxxxx) with (xxxxusernamexxxx). In granting the ability to have multiple sessions, Watermark requires that you confirm your understanding that there is a possibility that you may inadvertently overwrite saved work. This situation happens when the same user account is working in multiple windows in the exact same area at the same time.

By being granted an exception to allow multiple sessions, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the risks associated with it. You also understand that in the event that you overwrite work, Watermark will not be able to recover the overwritten data.
Further, please be advised that the use of multiple sessions will severely impact Watermark's audit trail in the event that you wish us to track unauthorized program changes. For example, in the event that a TS Coordinator using multiple sessions changes program preferences without notifying his or her colleagues, and the program asks Watermark to audit our logs to ascertain the identity of the person who changed the program preferences, Watermark will be unable to do so.You agree that Watermark shall bear no responsibility or liability associated with the loss of such overwritten data, or stemming from Watermark's inability to audit its logs in order to track unauthorized program changes.

By signing below, you waive any liability, right of recovery, claims, demands and causes of action against Watermark and its employees, officers, and owners arising from either such event.
To prevent accidental data loss, Watermark strongly recommends that, if you are working in the same account in two different browsers, make sure that one is used to enter information and the other is used for viewing only. If more than one person has access to an account, please make sure both people are not going to work on the same item at the same time.

To indicate your agreement with the above statements, please respond by return email to In the body of your reply please state the following: “I have read and understood the below email and I confirm my request to be given the ability to have multiple sessions on the stated account and I fully accept and agree to the statements in the below email.”
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