Academic Terms

Academic Terms

Within LiveText, an academic term is a division of an academic year - the time during which a school, college, or university offers courses. These divisions may be called "terms", "semesters", "quarters", or "trimesters", depending on the institution and country. Institutions often define their academic terms in their Student Information System (SIS), including specific start and end dates for each term.

Administrators will be able to upload courses and subsequently create assignments for multiple terms. During the course catalog import, school or university LiveText administrators are responsible for setting the start and end dates and time for each term. This categorization will facilitate the student and faculty assignment and assessment workflow as well as the integrity of data reports generated by the administrator during or after the term.

Students, faculty, and administrators will be able to view multiple terms and adjust settings to display a specific term within the Dashboard tab. Faculty and administrative users will be able to create, manage, edit, and delete course-based items for future terms in the same way they do for the current term.

View Courses from Different Terms

  1. From the Dashboard, click the term drop down menu, located in the upper right, above the assignments list.
  2. Select the desired term.
  3. The Dashboard will display the courses, assignments, and announcements associated with the term selected.

Access to Previous Terms

Faculty and admin users are able to copy assignments for past terms.

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