How to post an announcement as a Course Administrator

To post an announcement for all students in a particular course section, a Course Administrator would need to follow these steps:


1. Click the "Course Admin" tab.

2. Click the "Announcements" link.

3. Click the "New" button.

4. In the "Announcement Subject" textbox, enter a subject for the announcement.

5. In the "Message" textbox, enter the announcement.

6. In the "Term" drop down menu, select the term associated with the course(s) that the announcement applies to.  A "Course" drop down menu should then appear.

7. In the "Course" drop down menu, select the course that the announcement applies to.

8. Each section of the course will have a checkbox in front of it.  Un-check the checkbox for any course that the announcement does not apply to.

9. If you need to apply the announcement to other courses, click the "Insert More Courses" link and repeat steps 6 through 9.

10. Click the "Send Announcement" button.

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