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About onsite

Onsite is a Web application that uses the memory of your browser to save and display Field Experience forms even when your device is not connected to the Internet. It also includes a new interface and specialized features for the unique needs of Field Experience assessors working on mobile devices.

Onsite is built into Tk20 version 8.0 and higher, but it must be enabled on your server. Once this is done, there are only a few additional steps to start using Onsite.


Field Experience Settings

For Unit Administrators

Once Onsite has been enabled on a Tk20 server, a new option will appear when configuring placeholders for both new and existing Placement Templates.


This option remains configurable even on existing and used Templates. However, once any assessor in a particular placeholder role starts using an associated Field Experience binder through Onsite, the option for that placeholder can no longer be set to “No.”


For Field Experience Assessors

Assessors in a placeholder role for which Onsite access has been enabled will see two new features in Field Experience.

Within each applicable Binder split-screen view, the assessor can determine exactly which Field Experience forms will be downloaded to Onsite at any time. This is so that assessors with numerous forms or students can carry only the forms that are needed for a particular observation or event.


Assessors can also download and access Onsite using the Launch Onsite button that will now be visible at the top of main pages in the Field Experience component.



Please see for more information on downloading and using Onsite for Field Experience assessment.

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